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Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Spring Dining Room


Moonlight bean bag dining

Over the holidays I was brought to eat at so many wonderful restaurants at a result that costs me a few bucks on weight-control program now. Most of the restaurants were good while some are remarkable. With quality of food and price as judging factors I suggest that Thailand shall position itself as a world gourmet capital.

I went to test my luck if I meet local actor cum chef khun Pol Thantastien, the owner of the Spring Dining room, a modern Thai and fusion restaurant located on Soi Promsri 2, between the maze-like Sukhumvit Soi 39-Soi 49. The restaurant is set in a 1950's house renovated into homely and inviting environment; the mezzanine provides couples for perfect hideaway for a date; during evening unlimited bean bags and over-size pillows jam in the front lawn for moon light dining. Funny, I expected Italian cuisine the first time I passed by this landmark house, and ended up it is Thai, though fusion.

The menu in Spring is big and interesting, both innovative and traditional dishes found on the menu. However, red meat is absent in the kitchen but only seafood and poultry available. While taking time to study the menu, I ordered the virgin mojito (drinks mixed of fresh mint, lime, brown sugar syrup and tonic water) tasted uniquely cool and later found out not even the Lord Jims (@ the Oriental Hotel) can match the same taste; friends ordered the weird saketini (cocktails mixed of sake, Bombay blue, and curacao) and smoothies.

We started with nachos, followed by poh-piah tord the Sping (spring rolls of Spring), spicy cucumber salad, yum ma-khuea-yaao (spicy eggplant and seafood salad) and squid cakes.

We also ordered the giant scallop and prawn and tomyum goong nam sai (clear sour and spicy prawn soup).

We further sampled the paak boong tord (morning glory tempura with prawn), snow fish, pla kapong khao tord (deep-fried battered sea perch), poo-nim phad prikthai dam (soft shell crab in black pepper sauce), and Japanese fried rice with salmon fillet.

While the portions may not satisfy everyone, the good point is that at least we have room left for desserts in the Summer Chocolate Bar the owner of Spring would like to please our taste buds once more after the scrumptious dinner. Diners may either order their desserts at Spring or enjoy Summer's freshly made desserts where warmer tones and a mouth-watering waft await in the little house next to the Spring.

Both Spring and Summer may seem slightly over-priced in local budget, but its large groups of regulars would disagree. Especially in the evening, all tables are occupied, so you should make a reservation before going there to avoid disappointment.

Spring Dining Room ***1/2
199 Soi Promsri 2
off Sukhumvit Soi 39
Sukhumvit Road
Wattana, bangkok 10110
Tel.: 02.392.2747
Spring and Summer

Open daily : lunch 11:30 am - 2:30 pm, dinner 6 - 11 pm
(Summer Chocolate Bar - open daily: noon to midnight)
Pay (food only for two): around THB 900


Stella said...

This one looks good too. How is the price?

Thailand Club said...

quite expensive

Yai said...

Spring is good.