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Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Bug and Bee


Failed to fly

At Bug and Bee Cafe, ordering took a timely process; the menu is extensive and informative, history of crepes and the uniqueness of Bug and Bee crepes were written on the menu, and it is customers' obligation to read the encyclopedia alike menu. Choices of crepes and dishes made of crepe noodles are a lot, they are fusion and they are innovation, but failed in cooking process with certain misfire. After ten minutes reading (the menu), I still couldn't launch my verdict on the order, so did my friends; luckily the cafe manager came to our rescue.

He suggested the cafe best selling drink - the mango marvel, consisting of fresh mango and passion fruits blended on a bed of sago (tapioca), to drink the mango juice and suck the sago was how I handled this drink; followed by peachy melo and kiwi cooler, they are funny drinks (taste funny I mean). For crepes, the manager recommended the crepe stuffed with curry crab, Sichuan crepe noodles with prawns, and crepe with grilled duck breast in cranberry ginger sauce. The curry crab (meat) was average, aroma with mild heat of curry married to little sweetness from the crepe, to make this dish eatable, but never remarkable; while the Sichuan prawns had a good recipe and heat but still far from the real Sichuan treat, the prawns, maybe I shall call it small shrimps, were full of frozen taste. The grilled duck breast in cranberry ginger sauce, was indeed few pieces of tough duck meat that would train my teeth, and the cranberry sauce was kind of weird in taste. Perhaps its kitchen is set up for experiment purpose but not to cook for diners!

My friends and I further sampled the seafood (crepe) lasagna, which was unique but not of my fond; and the phad-khee-maow crepe noodles with seafood (with thrifty seafood ingredients), a dish self-proclaimed to be the best phad-kee-maow (stir-fried drunken noodles with basil, garlic, young green pepper, chili and lots of chilies) in Bangkok. (Really? or the owners themselves are drunken 24/7!)

For desserts, I ordered the orange passion fruit crepe with ice cream, my friends opted for the cheesecake parfait with fresh mango (seasonal), Belgian waffle with ice cream, and the shop's signature deep-fried Shanghai date crepe. The cheesecake was a bit too sweet to my standard, but I am sure some people would love it; while the deep-fried Chinese date paste crepe cake was average.

Besides their fusion crepes menu, Bug and Bee also offers a small selections of Chinese fare; they are baked rice Hong Kong style, Cantonese congee, and Hong Kong fried rice. Moreover, there is a full set of all-day breakfast on duty. As mentioned earlier, the menu is BIG, so they are just a few to be named here, from the Bug and Bee's full 'experimental creations'; and the cons is, BIG menu doesn't mean they are good, though!

In order to be benefited from better health through slow eating, I didn't rush my meal at Bug and Bee; our drinks and food didn't arrive promptly after the order had been taken, that given us more time to browse the menu, learn the history of crepes, read a numerous of magazines displayed on two giant racks in the shop, chat to our neighboring table(s), and play with our notebook. Though the restaurant provides free snail-speed wifi service with password access; however, smooth connection is only by luck!

Bug and Bee Cafe **
18 Silom Road
Bangrak, Bangkok 10500
Tel.: 02.233.8118

Open daily : 24-hour (random shortened opening hours without prior notice)
Pay (food only for two): around THB 700

*(update on 2009-10-28 : Bug and Bees' Siam Paragon branch is now a history)
*(update on 2010-05-25 : Bug and Bee's MBK branch is now a history)


Anonymous said...

I have been there. Interesting dining experience!

Anonymous said...

Waiters too busy preening themselves to bother with customers. Food...well, maybe 2 out of 5. Plenty of better places in Silom.

Anonymous said...

Went there last week. Terrible service. Food wise, use low grade ingredients, some dishes excessive salty, some no taste, not stable, trace of heavy MSG. Expensive, Waste of money. Will not go there again.

John said...

Original plan was going to Secret Recipe on Silom Road. But this lovely bakery restaurant closed due to renovation. So (unfortunately) we turned out had some desserts at Bug and Bee. We wish we were just cross the street to buy some chiffon cakes at 7-Eleven. Cakes at Bug and Bee are small in size but expensive in price, lack of texture, hard (don't know how long the cake had been kept in the fridge, 3 days?), ultra sweet, no layer of taste. Drinks were not better than those cakes. We felt like drinking rubber mixed stuff. Frankly we would never go back to Bug and Bee again.

Anonymous said...

Benn there. Service at Bug and Bee is sluggish and terrible, food is not ok and expensive. Place is dirty and decoration is aging. Definitely a surplus on Silom Road.

Will said...

The garbage bin on Silom Road!

Anonymous said...

I went to Bug and Bee Cafe few days ago. This restaurant is dilapidated, food of no quality, but price is expensive. In term of service there is none, but Bug and Bee Cafe charged me 10% service charge on top of the 7% tax.

All meal I ate in Bangkok were delicious, expect one at Bug and Bee Cafe. Leaving my vacation some defect. I should have avoid eating at Bug and Bee Cafe!