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Saturday, February 23, 2008

Likkit Pochana


Likkit Pochana

Small, non-air conditioning, delicious food, family owned, located in the heart of a community, and no expansion plan is the character of some remarkable family run restaurants in Bangkok. Likkit Pochana is one of them.

Easily be reached from the MBK Centre or the Rama 4 Road, this pochana (restaurant) is in the community of Chula University. Regulars are students in the area and Bangkok white collars, so the price is right, as well as the taste. Yes, if you are looking for authentic Thai household cuisine, this is where you should place a bookmark on it. Make sure you are good for chilies and other ingredients that bring out the pungent of heat. In Thai cuisine, household cuisine + authenticity = extreme spicy.

Of course, we ordered the shop best seller Tomyumgoong (hot and sour prawn soup), as every table did the night I visited. There is no mercy in the degree of spicy, be prepared that your tongue feels the extreme heat. Didn’t you ask for something authentic? That is it. Perfectly balanced tomyum broth enriched by the coral from prawn heads also enhanced by the aroma of galangal, kaffir lime, lemongrass, and of course chilies was truly the refreshing starter of the night.

Yum (Thai spicy salad) is also done well in Likkit Pochana. Yum can be eaten with a glass of beer alone or with rice as a main course. We ordered the Yum Pla Saleek (deep-fried pilot fish spicy salad). Tell them you are foreigners (oh they can figure out by themselves indeed) and request for less chili in the yum. They did for me, and my yum was just mild hot.

Hoy Lai Pad Nam Phrik Phao (stir-fried clam with chili and basil sauce), clam size was big, meat was fresh, tasted naturally sweet with a hint of ocean scent, and the nam phrik phao sauce was aromatic pungent. We also ordered the Pad Pla Tatim (stir-fried fresh water fish) and Pad Tualan Tao (stir-fried sugar pea). Gaeng Som Pla (fish and papaya curry sour soup) with omelet and pla chon fish was delightful.

At Likkit Pochana the order came out quickly, served hot, even when the restaurant was fully packed. Every order had turned out to be a delightful treat, and service was prompt and attentive. The bill, cheaper than burger sets in any Burger King. Oops, no plastic so please bring cash.

Likkit Pochana ****
Chula Soi 20
Pratumwan, Bangkok

Open daily : 6 pm - 10 pm
Pay (food only for two): around THB 500


Fillet-O said...

I must try this restaurant. I like something local, not tourist-grade foreign-taste Thai food.

Thailand Club said...

yes, this is a good choice