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Saturday, February 14, 2009

Chokchai Premium Steakhouse


Local premium steakhouse

Found in 1971, Thailand first family steakhouse with a family-friendly price tag.

Chokchai Steak House serves 3 grades of beef steak.

The first one is Chokchai Premium Steak, which is from a young “Charolais” cow that goes through a 30 day dry aging process.

The second one is Chokchai Dry Aging Steak, which is from an American Brahman cow that goes through the dry aging process for 15 days.

The third one is Regular Beef Steak that does not go through the dry aging process.

These three kinds of steak are prepared and served in a variety of cuts for people to choose from. My favorite cuts are New York cut and T-bone steak.

Chokchai Premium Steakhouse ***
Sukhumvit 23 branch:
First floor Prasanmit Plaza building
45 Sukumvit 23
Wattana, Bangkok
Tel. 02.259.9596

Open daily : 11 am - 9:30 pm
Pay (food only for two): around THB 3,000

Chokchai Steakhouse ***
Farm Chokchai branch:
170 Moo2 Friendship Highway
Nongnamdaeng, Pakchong
Nakhon Ratchasima
Tel. 044.313.098, 044.328.445
Chockchai Steakhouse

Open daily : 10 am - 8 pm
Pay (food only for two): around THB 3,000


Stella said...

Thank you Thailand Club for this good blog.
My friends are all thrilled by your blog.
You are our Valentine.

Anonymous said...

Yes, Chok Chai Farm is the first and now a well known dairy producer and its steak is very famous among us.

Before many foreign restaurants came to Thailand, we use to eat Chok Chai steak as a hi-so event.


Stella said...

Is Chok Chai Steak House still popular? How much for an 8oz steak?

Thailand Club said...

enlarge the pic by a single click on it

Chok Chai 12 oz. premium Aussie steak 30-day dry aged approx. $15-20 (pretty good value)

Chok Chai 8 oz. - 12 oz. local steak approx. $10, but u need strong teeth

Stella said...

Great. $7.50 US(for 6-oz steak) at this popular place is valued buy.
Chris said he would like to go here next time. Please start to mark down now on our "eating" list so we don't forget.
Also include the Thai Seafood Place you took yor buddy's sisters during X'Mas(the prawn on fire).
A "must go" for me.

Anonymous said...

6-oz at $7.50? they don't hv such size


Thailand Club said...

eat steak in BKK r u sure?

US PRIME grade and Black Angus r the best already

Stella said...

Yes US Primegrade and Angus steak may be better, but they are also expensive.
For $7.50 US 6-oz steak at Chokchai Dairy Farm steakhouse, I would like Chris to try and compare at least once.
Just like we still eat Thai food in LA too.
We have to try more and compare. With no comparison, we cannot appreciate the food in BKK.