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Thursday, March 05, 2009

New York Steakhouse


New York Steakhouse @ JW Marriott Hotel

From media reviews and advertorials, New York Steakhouse had been rated Bangkok's best steakhouse for few years, so does the hotel's Japanese restaurant Tsu-Nami. (Good PR job!)

But, they aren't.

Food at New York Steakhouse was decent but not outstanding. Of course we paid a handsome price so the quality shall be with certain guarantee. However, quality of steak did not match with the restaurant's top status and chef culinary skill just didn't live up to expectations. Service was way too 'professional' lacking of those natural touch of Thais hospitality, pretentious instead.

Although I don't crown New York Steakhouse the best in Bangkok, but a visit doesn't hurt our appetite either. The menu is big and coverage is more aggressive than any other top-notch hotel's steakhouse. With Marriott Gold Card (if you have one!) your meal is always free when dining with a friend.

New York Steakhouse ***
2nd Floor, JW Marriott Hotel
4 Sukhumvit Road (at Sukhumvit Soi 2)
Ploenchit, Bangkok 10110
Tel.: 02.656.7700
New York Steakhouse

Open daily 18:00 - 23:00 dinner only
Pay (food only): expect THB 8,000 for two


Anonymous said...

Next time if anyone would like a free upgrade by Cathay Pacific, just act like an animal!

Anonymous said...

OK I will. Since I am party animal.

in the sea said...

From the look of the steak, it seems like it's just ironed heat. Grilling steak should be at a hot flaming heat to seal the juice inside while making the outside a bit burnt.

Thailand Club said...

the steak was perfectly grilled with open fire, it tasted good and the steak was juicy enough; just the quality of meat itself was a bit below standard at Baht 1,850++

Hamilton's doesn't cook as good as NY Steakhouse, but quality of meat better


in the sea said...

I am not sure if there is something wrong with my eyes, but the steak itself was just ironed to burnt by the stove bars. I tried to look at it in more details. The steak itself wasn't that burnt with hot flame. It can still be juicy if it's not at high heat enough as long as it's not cooked for a long time. Besides, I can see some mashy texture on the meat surface. That's what I call "not getting burnt at a high hot flame. Some restaurants just put those "iron bar" scars on the meat and make it look like it's professionally grilled.