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Thursday, September 24, 2009

Suea Non Kin


Lazy tiger, eating only

Normally I don't review pub food, because those pub-cum-restaurant places usually focus on the vibe but not on the food. Inside Soi Sawasdee, there is an exceptional one.

There, Thai accent food were served, although not to-die-for but fair enough for foodies, with only the best ingredients chosen from all part of the country sent to the kitchen. A feast in Suea Non Kin is like a tiger need not to hunt but well fed; exactly the meaning of the restaurant name in Thai - suea non kin.

Suea Non Kin ***1/2
231/2 Sukhumvit Soi 31
Wattana, Bangkok 10110
Tel.: 02.662.1779

Open daily : (dinner only) 5 pm - midnight
Pay (food only for two): around THB 900


in the sea said...

I noticed their fish is quite fresh though not a lively killed. BTW, I wanna try their dessert. You know how much I like that dessert. Those now that I can find in HK are not that good in texture. Besides the food is not oily.

Thailand Club said...

yes the lok-chong is at best quality i did try in Bangkok (it is actually deliver from Wat Jetsadaram on a bi-weekly basis, so it is on first come first serve), and the herbal jelly is also good

and all food at good taste, ultra spicy, fresh, and as u c not greasy

this is the reason i gave Suea Non Kin a review as i don't usually review pub food


Stella said...

The pub food here looks good. And not oily. But too spicy not good la.

Stella said...

Now I see the lobby next to the Duck decoration where you ate the fish.

in the sea said...

Ok krup. Shall go there next time.... I'll ask our best friend to check this blog posting.

Stella said...

By the way, my friend asked me what means pub food.
And I told her this means those Lan Kwai Fong kind of pub eatery where you can drink and have some finger food.

in the sea said...

mmh.. my last experience was that I was brought to a big place with a section of hanging around while someone singing on stage. Later on, you would be served some food from snack to stir fried dishes/rice/noodles....etc. So the food is like a supporting actor and the lead role actor is the entertainment. TC correct me if I am wrong. :)

Thailand Club said...

yes, pub food in Thailand maybe refer to any food (not necessary to be only finger food or tapas) goes well with alcohol drinks (mainly whiskey) and in such case food does only act as a supporting actor while leaving the lead role to the entertainment (can be just house music) and gossip chit chat

Yai said...

Sueanonkin is pretty new in the Sukhumvit hiso restaurant+ scene, I have heard the pla tu mackerel fish are brought from Samut Songkhram (my home town)? So later I will must try.

Thailand Club said...

not only the pla-tu is a must try, but also the lod-chong; both best that u can get from Sukhumvit