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Monday, December 03, 2012



Mr. Bean failed to be reborn

In Bangkok, coffee specialty cafes tend to focus on coffee only (whether good or not, while the taste of food is subjective to diners), but most of them fail to deliver it with an 'ambiance' and good service.  If a cafe doesn't convince me that it is comfy, cozy and commercially homey (where service counts), but just looks like a part of my kitchen and served by my buffalo-like maid at home, than why do I spend my money there instead of just getting my brew at home. For chain coffee specialty cafes in Thailand, by far, I only see that Starbucks passes the mark.

Though ASIATIQUE the Riverfront doesn't count Starbucks in, lucky that I didn't see Tom n Toms and Coffee World there. Coffeol, I am okay with it though not in my routine. (p.s. I miss Mr. Bean, as there it delivered an "ambiance" and service.)

Coffeol Coffee Shop **3/4
Shop E07, Warehouse 10
ASIATIQUE the Riverfront
2194 Charoenkrung Road 
Bangkolaem, Bangkok 10120

Open daily : 5 - 11:30 pm
Pay (drink and pastry only for one): around THB 250

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