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Friday, June 01, 2007

Tang Jai Yoo


Tang Jai Yoo Restaurant 陳再裕酒家

Nested in a number of "tourist-friendly" shark fins soup and bird nest desserts joints, the almost seven decades old Tang Jai Yoo (Chen Joy Yue) is considered a gem of eatery in the messy and shabby Bangkok's China Town - Yaowaraj. Its no-frills seafood and original Thai-Chinese dishes are the magnet of drawing low profile tycoons and foodies as her regulars. The princess visits here once a year during the Chinese Lunar New Year to sample Tang Jai Yoo's gourmet, during that time the soi was sealed. By night in Yaowaraj, only two restaurants I am willing to sacrifice my sweat and mood in exchange for my taste-buds pleasure; Tang Jai Yoo is one, the other is a fish khao tom shop. None of those famous or infamous (thanks to advertorial from guide books editors!) shops selling low-grade cum semi-artificial shark fins soup and bird nest desserts are on my China Town agenda whenever it is day or night.

In Tang Jai Yoo, live ocean species brought to the kitchen and transformed as an ultra fresh and tasty seafood dish. The roasted suckling pig, real baby pig, was roasted to its perfections. The shark fins soup, best value in town. For taro lover, don't miss the baked taro rice. Wanna hear more or you owe a trip to Tang Jai Yoo today?

Tang Jai Yoo Restaurant 陳再裕酒家 ****
85-87 Soi Yaowa Phanich
off Yaowaraj Road,
Sampantawong, Bangkok 10100

Tel.: 02.224.2167

Open daily: lunch 10:30am - 2pm, dinner 4:30pm - 10:30pm
Pay (seafood dinner for two): around THB 1,700
(non-seafood around THB 800)

*Reservation is highly recommended

* (updated on 2009-Dec-30, Tang Jai Yoo opens its first branch in C.B.D.'s Wall Street Tower on Surawong Road. The better decorated downtown branch suggests a 10-15% price different from its Yaowaraj mother shop, of course on the high side. Tel.: 02.632.7292)


Stella said...

We will wait for another good one from you.

Stella said...

The very first sentence of this one should be "Avoid dining" instead of "avoid dine".
We will pass this one as pomfret fish is fishy and also "duke"(poison). Of course once in a month is ok. We like pan fried pomfret fish though.

Yai said...

My grandma favorite restaurant. There, the crab claw is always so big taken up half of the crab. Don't know where they got them from?

Anonymous said...

any idea if they serve suckling pig during lunch? need to pre-order?