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Saturday, June 09, 2007



Angelini @ Shangri-la Hotel

Food is essential, gourmet is indulgent. When the opportunity does arise to indulge, do it in style!

When my friends come to visit Bangkok, I like to take them to the Angelini, a top Italian restaurant in Bangkok. Angelini will undergo a thorough renovation soon, leaving us memory and memories we shared precious moments there in the last 12 years. New face will be launched during X'mas 2007.

Our Ratings (1 to 5 the higher the better): Angelini has [4.1]
(Rating are based on Food, Service and Ambience, with Price taken into account in relation to Quality)
Food=4, Service=4, Ambiance=4.5, Money Worth=4

Price range for two without drinks (incl. local water) in Thai Baht = BBBBB
(B=below 200, BB=201-500, BBB=501-1,000, BBBB=1,001-2,000, BBBBB=over 2,000)

Details: open daily 11:30am - 1am
Angelini Restaurant and Bar, Shangri-la Hotel, 89 Soi Wat Suan Plu, New Road, Bangrak, Bangkok 10500 Thailand; Tel.: 02-206 8677

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Stella said...

Look forward to seeing more from here soon.