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Friday, January 25, 2008

Ruen Urai


Ruen Urai

For decades Benjarong has been a culinary landmark in Bangkok, a recent revisit confirmed its status as one of the most established eateries serving authentic royal Thai cuisine a thon krueng (ancient chef in a royal kitchen) would have prepared the same. Benjarong not only earns countless credits from local and worldwide food critics, but also received the pride to provide the members of the royal family dinner the superb royal Thai touch.

The restaurant in elegant surrounding with outdoor dining overlooking the sparkling waterfall from the patio, offers a comprehensive selection of excellent dishes. My all time favorite is the Hor Mok Goong Mankrong, this steamed curry custard in banana leaf cup is usually mixed with minced fish while the Benjarong version is mixed with diced lobster. Freshness of lobster meat and the aroma of Thai herbs mingled with prik chee fa chilies made the custard cup so remarkable.

Our appetizer was Khanam Jeep Thai (minced pork wrapped in rice flour dumpling). Main dishes were Chuchee Kampoo (crab claw in red curry sauce), Pla Samlee Yum Mamuang (deep-fried king fish with green mango salad), Pad Pak Ruam Mit (stir-fried mixed vegetables), accompanied with Khao Ob Sapparot (baked seafood fried rice in whole pineapple).

Benjarong is the perfect place for entertaining friends and business associates, as well as dining alone. It is one of my favorite hotel’s Thai restaurants in town. Thais, equally as important as the taste in each recipe is the presentation. Dishes are served in intricately designed and elegant Benjarong crockery made from fine bone china after which the restaurant is named, Benjarong.

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