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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Suk. Soi 38 hawker food


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Roadside dining
Sukhumvit Soi 38 Hawker Food

In general I have no high expectations on roadside dining (hawker food) in Bangkok (or anywhere in the world) since there are more misses than hits even I forget the word ‘hygiene’. However, the one on Sukhumvit Soi 38 (a.k.a. Thonglo roadside dining) is a place I always visit due to its location as it is near my home sweet home. Starting from 6pm until 3am it gives me enough time to roam on each stall, thus Thonglo roadside dining is one famous venue among Bangkok white collars after work hours and clubbers after fun in the entertainment web of Sukhumvit. I meet celebrities from pop stars to high profile politicians dining there. So it is advisable to bring along a sign pen, besides the wallet, if you are a fan of some Thai movie stars.

Few nights ago I revisited the venue. I started with the succulent mun mun (fatty) grilled marinated pork on skewers, Moo Satay (Baht 40/10 skewers). They can serve only lean meat if one prefer them not mun mun.

Followed was the Joke (Baht 30) a.k.a. rice porridge or congee with ground pork and thousand-year-old egg which was a satisfying one through the aroma of the good quality jasmine fragrant rice. Joke may also be served with raw egg, preserved egg (thousand years egg), pork intestine, liver, stomach or kidney.

After the appetizer I went on with a big bowl of assorted Fish Ball noodle (Baht 50), and a bowl of Barbecued Pork noodle (Baht 30) of which I found that the pork was so tender and the egg noodle was up to Hong Kong standard. What I ended the dinner was a scrumptious bowl of Giew-nam (Baht 30) (wonton soup). Wide selections, great taste, cheap prices made me holy full and no more room for the Ripe Mango with Sweet Sticky Rice dessert. I paid Thai Baht 200 ($6) for the meal including a glass of fresh-squeeze carrot juice and a bottle of distilled water.

I don’t eat roasted duck and roasted goose but still worth a mention is the Khao-na-ped-yang (steam rice top with roasted duck); it is one of the top sellers of the venue. However, I am a foie-gras lover, not fancy in roasted duck.
Also worth a try are khao-khaa-moo (steam rice top with braise pork knuckle meat), khao-moo-dan (steam rice top with barbecued pork with egg), khao-mun-kai (rice cook with chicken broth top with steamed chicken), made-to-order a la carte (choices range from pad-kaprao to tom-yum-goong), and ripe mango with sweet sticky rice. Bread with green pandan leaves kaya (sweet and creamy dipping), coffee, tea, and fresh squeezed fruit juice also available.

Another favorite roadside dining venue is the Yaowarat (Bangkok Chinatown). It has biggest selections, better taste, but a little more in price.

Suk 38 Hawkers' Food ***
corner Shukumvit Soi 38
Sukhumvit Road
Wattana, Bangkok

Open daily : 6 pm - 3 am
Pay (food only): THB 100 for two

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I like all those foods here. They look delicious.