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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

roof top dining 3


The Vertigo

Imagine how wonderful if there is a restaurant that serves your visual pleasure while having your taste buds a lift; this has to be a view-to-dine-by restaurant. The surroundings elegantly decorated with tranquility ambiance; heavenly view of 360 degree panorama overlooking anywhere in Bangkok above the hustle and bustle of city living rarely found elsewhere.

Vertigo and Moon Bar ****1/2
Banyan Tree Hotel Bangkok
21/100 Sathorn Road
Sathorn, Bangkok 10120
Tel.: 02.679.1200
Banyan Tree Bangkok

Open daily : 6:30 pm - 11 pm (weather permitted)
Pay (food only for two): expect THB 7,000


Stella said...

This view is gorgeous.

Anonymous said...

My guest is Sirocco at the Dome. Right?

But I never like this pretentious and overpriced restaurant. Food quality sucks and service bad. Waiters work for potential big tips, not hospitality business in first concern.


Fillet-O said...

Maybe the place is Le Normandie, since you are a fans for the Mandarin Oriental Hotel!

Anonymous said...

It is obviously the Sky Garden, Unico Grande Hotel on Silom Road, of which the panorama view was taken from there!

from Calvin

Anonymous said...

My guest is Vertigo.


Anonymous said...

It does look like the photo was taken from south to north of Bangkok city, so Vertigo or Sirocco may be it. But I think thaisclub won't let us get the drinks that easy. So I put my bet on the Med Condo, as it is higher than both Vertigo and Sirocco (for good view) and has a luxury resident lounge on the rooftop (for a drink).

TC, my guest is the Med Condo on Sathorn Road.

addicted to your blog,
Colin Wu

Stella said...

I think this is the one we did the guess game before and I guessed right. It is on the roof top and Sea mentioned when he got it the carpet looks old and smells. I forgot the name of it.

Anonymous said...

I think this maybe either 3or 12.

Party Animal

Anonymous said...

I would say Three Sixty of the Millennium Hilton as anyone been there recognized the view was stunning. What was missing shall be the hotels (Orchid Sheraton Hotel..) and river in the photo if it is really Three Sixty! So I think it maybe the Bangkok Club as thaisclub loves to sip his water there in the old days (still?) But, why not Three Sixty without the river and Sheraton Hotel? As you can crop part of the photo, and you will not let us reach the right guess so easy. So no popular place, no Bangkok Club.

My guess is, the Three Sixty, Millennium Hilton.

I am Dickson Lau

Thailand Club said...

Stella, the restaurant u r talking about is not in the list, so i assume ur guess is choice #20 'none of above'. And it is the Garden. (If u just browse 2 posts down then u will find the Garden.)

Party Animal, so ur guess is #3 or #12? Pls be affirmative on ur guess as there is no 'maybe' and 'either' in a guess.

for those who yet place ur guess, pls do so, u still hv 2 weeks anyway

Anonymous said...

I have been to Thailand many times, and this photo looks familiar.

I guess it is Sirocco at le bua.


in the sea said...

Ok, it should be on a very high floor of Sathorn Rd. over 50th floor; so the choices should be 8, 9 or 11 but I haven't been to none of these places. Shouldn't be Jer Ngor as it's just on 11/F. My gues is Vertigo Banyan Tree Hotel.

Anonymous said...

I agree this is Vertigo of Banyan Tree Hotel. I have been there before.


Anonymous said...

I stay in the Emporium Suites many times, the view is stunning, just like this picture shown.

I think this place is the Club Lounge of the Emporium Suites.

Micheal Quek

Anonymous said...

Such stunning view and photo must be taken from the Sirocco, le bua hotel. Am I correct?

I am Walter

Thailand Club said...

okay so many answers this time

2 restaurants got the highest guess, they r Sirocco (le bua Hotel) and Vertigo (Banyan Tree Hotel)

so which one is it?

Thailand Club said...

hi dear, by now all of u know it is Vertigo @ Banyan Tree Hotel on Sathorn Road Bangkok

there r 3 participators got the correct answer, they r Tommy, in-the-sea, and Leo, pls send an email to to claim ur prize. Each prize, 2 drinks with me at Vertigo, until Dec 22, 2009.


Thaisclub MDS
12:40 US PDT 31-March-2009

Anonymous said...

can i join now?

Stella said...

Congratulations In-the Sea.

in the sea said...

Hello, now in SUV Airport and waiting for a flight to Phuket. Glad to know about the answer as I wasn't sure if my guess is right since I haven't been to any of those places. Just from the angle of the view, that's what I guessed so. OK, I will try to go there once. BTW, thanks to TC's swift note to me, I had a wonderful stay in Vie Hotel from the Accor super sale for B1,333. They even offered a deluxe suite (73 sq m.) at B1,333! Vie Hotel is quite nice and also within 5 min. walking to Discover/Siam Center - my favourite places. However, I got a severe flu from Beijing trip last week. Amazing the BKK atmosphere got me back in shape cos I took a nice soup from Jade Restaurant. :) Wishing all of you a Happy Happy Easter! Cheers!