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Friday, December 12, 2008

roof top dining 1


The Garden

Today, I went to Bangna district's Soi Udomsuk with a good friend from Hong Kong. Udomsuk area is about 40km southeast of Bangkok city center, a humdrum residential area. We took the BTS skytrain to On Nut terminus, caught a taxi to Soi Udomsuk. Total travel time was an hour from my friend's hotel located on Sukhumvit Soi 8 in the major tourist area. My friend couldn't hold his curiosity to ask, "Do we have to dine this far while our stomach is singer?", and his question had not been entertained. In my mind was 'hey, you will see'!

The Garden is on the rooftop of the Executive Residence Apartment on Udomsuk Soi 18. In order to reach to the rooftop of this 15-year-old poorly maintained apartment we need courage (yes, I am talking about real courage) to pass through a shabby lobby armed with moth-eaten carpet and took the building's only outworn elevator to the top floor (just on 6th). When the lift (door) opened my friend immediately realized the difference between haven and hell. A scenic British garden of lush tropical plants and floras caught our first sight with my friend's generous read out 'Wow'! For the next two hours we were dining in a paradise that transportation can reach.

At 4 pm, we started our late lunch with Ox tongue in red wine sauce (THB 250+). The ox tongue was tender and the wine sauce followed exactly the original recipe, as very French. Next dish was Rainbow trout in white cream sauce (THB 350+); trout was truly fresh (from Royal project in Chiangrai) without marinated and extra seasoning thus brought out the natural sweet and goodness of the trout herself. The cream sauce helped to enhance the taste if one found it bland. Another marvelous dish was the Fried rice with salted fish (THB 150+); top grade aromatic slated fish pla kurau (four-finger-threadfin mackerel, or ma yau in Cantonese) was used as the ingredients with chopped kale and BBQ pork cubes. Fried rice was fried dry enough, a well balanced dish with appealing taste and presentation.

The garden has both indoor (air-conditioned) and al fresco dining option. If you choose indoor dining, you will encounter an European mini palace fittings with chandeliers and classic paintings on display, dine with lovely Cupids (sculptures) if not your honey. I always opt for the al fresco option with the surroundings of a botanic exhibition and a 16th Century inspired fountain.

We left the Garden with a promise to return as soon as possible.

The garden, beautiful!
The food, delicious!
The Garden, marvelous! Seeing is believing, go!

The Garden ****
6th Floor, the Executuve Residence Apartment
Soi Udomsuk 18
off Sukhumvit 103 (Udomsuk)
Bangna, Bangkok
Tel.: 02.361.7881

Open daily : 11 am - 11 pm
Pay (food only for two): around THB 800

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in the sea said...

That bldg behind looks like Zen, right?

Anonymous said...

Look forward to your roof top dining 1 and 2.
Party Anima

Thailand Club said...

yes, that is ZEN at Central World. The whole ZEN is completed. The roof floor is a roof top restaurant, and a higher-end beer garden.

in the sea said...

Udomsuk is easy to remember in Cantonese to me. Udon (Japanese noodle) got done (suk in Cantonese means "done"). :) I would highly recommend their ox-tongue and the red dragon fruit juice. Yes, fried rice is good. However, I am not sure if they know what Anchovy means. I was so surprised to see a garden salad with Anchovy at B90. I ordered one but it turned out it's a tuna salad.

Thailand Club said...

udon got done oh hahaha :)

Stella said...

hard to type comments here. this took me 3 minutes.

in the sea said...

seems like the traffic of is getting heavier these days. I also have problems in uploading photos.

Stella said...

In the Sea,
Since TC told me to try Firefox or Chrome instead of IE,I tried to borrow Chris' computer(he has Firefox) and it works. I was not able to do comment(not even able to read your blog) for 10 days.
I have to hurry now as Chris only lends me 20 minutes.

in the sea said...

SS, my other friend in mid West of the States told me she also got problem in checking my blog. So far I don't work on my blog with IE, as I am using Safari at home with my mac computer.

Fillet-O said...

Right Safari of Apple Mac has almost-no virus and less bug. We never like MS IE and Gates but don't understand why this company going so strong! Isn't that the same vote-for-Bush theory people did?

Thanks to Thailand Club recommendation now I switch to Chrome by Google, 200% faster and better than IE, so far no bug at all.

Happy New Year!

in the sea said...

Hello, now I used my company IE6 to browse this blog and there isn't any problem at all. I was wondering if it's because of the IE7 having some bugs. FYI, my company has a web-server database for our SE Asian agents to check on our database. When IE7 was launched, some of them upgraded it but then couldn't get connected to our web database. Our IT company strongly advised us not to use IE7; so we are still using the old IE6 in our office.

On another thing, when MS launched the DRM (Digital Right Management) in 2000 or 01, a HK online company was using it for music copyright protection. I simply asked that company a question "would that be adpatable for iTune or mac user?". The answer is no but then I told them most of the legitimate clients are almost iTune or mac users. Furthermore, for those who are willing to buy music legally online, they shouldn't further create complicated hurdle for the legitimate buyers. Some of you may have bought some CDs which you can listen on your PC due to such DRM. So they are creating something which they think they can protect but in the end scare the others to buy legitimate music.

Thailand Club said...

i am one of the DRM victim and now i hesitate to buy more legitimate CD, coz those CDs i bought r good for PC but cannot download to my iPod, but who want to listen music via PC or Zune, we r at iPod era

good that Gates retires!

Stella said...

I don't understand the IT language you guys talked about. But it is good to know about it. Now at least I know IE 6 and IE 7. And I know there is MS, Apple, Ipod, Chromes, Flock, and Firefox.
Glad that I can type on every post tonight. This is the 1st time since Dec.

Anonymous said...

Do you know there was no ad for us to click for a few weeks?
Party Animal

Anonymous said...

Wow! Paradise on earth!