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Monday, April 13, 2009

khao-Chae @ Baan Prachachuen


Thai New Year SongKran Festival

April 13 - 15 is New Year for the Thais better known as Songkran, traditionally people eat khao-chae (rice soaked in icy jasmine-scented water, served with tidbits) during the festival of which falls into the hottest month of the year.

Last week, I went to Baan Prachachuen (run by grand daughter of ML Promsri Pibulsongkram) to sample the country probably best khao-chae set (Baht 250), and it was delightful.

1. ice cube; 2. jasmine-scented water with jasmine blossoms
3. tidbits (Luk Kapi (deep-fried fermented shrimp paste balls), Hom Daeng Yud Sai (deep-fried shallots stuffed with minced fish), Prik Yuak Sord Sai (banana chili pepper stuffed with minced pork wrapped in egg netting), Moo Foi (shredded sweet pork), Chai Pow Pad Wan (stir-fried sweet dry turnip with egg);
4. carved vegetables
5. put some ice cube; 6. pour some jasmine-scented water

7. my set of khao-chae Baht 250

37 Prachachuen Soi 33
Bangsu, Bangkok 10800
Tel.: 02.585.1323

Open daily 11:00 - 15:00
Pay (food only for two): around THB 500 (THB 250 per set)

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Anonymous said...

Happy New Year to Thailand.
I still remember how nice the Khao Chae I ate at BKK.
The best I tried is at Hyatt's high tea room and also Lord Jim's buffet set for Chris' Birthday.

Anonymous said...

I don't think I had this dish before but would like to try next time when I come.

Stella said...

Nice pictures of Khai Chae and the restaurants here.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for showing this again. This blog and the other one highly recommend this Thai food. This one looks very nice but I doubt HK people like it because it is with cold water.

Anonymous said...

People need open their mind to try more different food. Try some real Thai food na!


in the sea said...

If the water isn't with jasmine scent, I would definitely not try it. Most of all the water should be chilled enough. I think trying is no harm and make yourself be more receptive. So then you would enjoy life more. My final word "must try".

Stella said...

Yes, no try no gain.
Let us have an open mind and at least try once as it has nothing to lose.
I was very skeptical about eating this chilled porridge in the beginning. But good that I tried then immediately I love it. Thank you TC and SEA for introducing this to me.
However, I still don't like the Japanese chilled noodle as that is no taste, very different from this Khao Chae with Jasmine scent.

in the sea said...

Actually when TC brought me to try Khao Che a few years ago, I also hesitated about how he described "rice in chilled water", so did Madam Fa. However, she and I fall in love with it. Madam Fa missed it so much for she couldn't try it this April. I told her it seemed there are still a few shops in BKK having this on the menu all year round according to TC.

Anonymous said...

yes, Baan Prachachuen and Lai Rot offers khao-chae on all-year basis, we can go there with Madam Fa next time

:) TC

in the sea said...

good.... I will tell her and see when we will be the next time. Now we are waiting the super sale again due to the tourist flow tending to Taiwan, esp. Japanese and Mainland Chinese tourists according to the local tourist agents. Now CX plus 3 nights Courtyard at HK$2,1xx, and CX plus 3 nights (3rd night room only) Oriental at HK$3,3xx.... :) Wing On already has hot offer for HK$888 on HK Express and 1 night at Pullman...