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Thursday, April 30, 2009

Thai Ice Cream


I-tim ice cream I love you. The Thai way!

Coconut ice cream in half coconut, the original Thai ice cream.

Available at Jatujak Weekend Market (JJ Market) near Bangkok Metro's Jatujak Exit.


Stella said...

I like ice cream so much; it is like vitamin to me everyday.
Coconut ice cream put in real coconut has been my favorite since I was in S'pore.

in the sea said...

Though I don't like Coconut much, coconut in any cold dessert does bring out a very nice taste and aroma, especially for those freshly made coconut.

Anonymous said...

Coconut meat is high in cholestoral but coconut juice is good as it clears your " body fire".

Anonymous said...

I was told that HK has ice cream pizza. What a genius invention.