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Thursday, May 14, 2009

All about Thai curries


Kaeng, or Thai curry

Kaeng is widely eaten in Thailand, so how can you afford to miss it! Stay tune ..

Ooooops! Can you identify any 3 of
these curries (in English) and tell me at least 3 ingredients in each of the three? (hints: not curry powder)
1. Kaeng keow waan
2. Kaeng phet
3. Kaeng massaman
4. Kaeng penang
5. Kaeng paa
6. Kaeng kua
7. Kaeng bhan
8. Kaeng
9. Kaeng luang
10.Kaeng liang
... and Thailand has more curries than the above


Fillet-O Fish said...

I know,
Gaeng keow waan, is green curry.
Gaeng phet, is red curry.
Gaeng som, is orange curry.

3 ingredients,
Green curry- green chillies, lemongrass, and coconut milk.
Red curry- red chillies, shallots, and coconut milk.
Orange curry- yellow chillies, pineapple, and turmeric.

Thanks for your crepe in advance!

Anonymous said...

Very difficult bor...

Anonymous said...

google can help!

in the sea said...

I don't like curry much; so I can't fall into this game. TC, please don't think I don't go for this game simply because of the prize... :)

Thailand Club said...

only one guess so far :(

Anonymous said...

Fish Burger,
You are good.
I do like curry and I do like the prize but these are too hard for me as I have to make 12 right answers.
I think you should let the local residents join the guess since this is too hard for non-Thai. I can bet with you even local Thai may not know the answers.:)

Thailand Club said...

impossible too hard for locals, every Thai knows what is gaeng keow waan and sure they can name any 3 ingredients as it has about 7 ingredients

like if i ask any Chinese and Japanese what is gyoza and any 3 ingredients of it i think everyone knows

use google, it is fun

btw, fillet-o-fish is non-Thai, instead he doesn't even live in Asia, but he try

all u hv to do is wanna try or not!


Anonymous said...

OK let me try la.

Gaeng keow waan is green curry, this is one of my favorite Thai dish. Ingredients? Maybe chillies, coconut milk and kaffir leaves!

Gaeng phet is easy too, we always eat red curry with duck, so gaeng phet is red curry. Ingredients maybe chillies, cumin, and peppercorns.

Gaeng massaman is a southern curry, quite similar to Indian curry. Ingredients shall be chillies, cumin, and cinnamon.


in the sea said...

well, it's a good study though I am not into curry. :)

Thailand Club said...

:( so far not many contestants

Sam and Fillet-o-Fish guess were very close, good try!

Anonymous said...

Too easy for me, I eat gaeng keow waan everyday, but don't know its ingredients. Quite difficult!