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Sunday, May 24, 2009

Thai E-sarn


Thai E-sarn Restaurant

Thai E-sarn Restaurant serves almost the best Issan grilled chicken in Bangkok. Presentation of the grilled free range chicken (gai-baan yang) didn't look excellent on the plate, but the taste was. Chicken was marinated to the right taste yield full aromatic from various Thai herbs and seasonings; succulent meat was tender, not salty but full of favor. Best to describe the chicken is aroi ma ma (or very delicious).

Grilled pork neck in Issan namtok dressing (nam-tok kor-moo-yang) is always my favorite order in any Issan eatery; in Thai E-sarn Restaurant its version didn't disappoint me. Another must order in an Issan eatery shall be the spicy raw papaya Thai-style salad (somtum Thai). Thai E-sarn somtum Thai did pass the mark. The shredded raw papaya and ingredients were fresh, with nice heat (spicy), sour and salty in good balance.

Deep-fried snake-head fish with Issan herbs in fish sauce (pla chong leoi-suan) is also a popular dish in an Issan eatery. Since I am not into snake-head fish, my deep-fried leoi-suan fish changed to sea bass (pla kapong) on requst and it came out with satisfying. Stir-fried squid in salty eggs (pla muek khai khem) maybe seafood that promotes high cholesterol. In Thai E-sarn Restaurant the salty eggs sauce stir-fried with the squid was just too delicious to be true, having us willing to forget the cholestrol index for a while!

But not every dish was heavenly tasty in Thai E-sarn. Our Issan spicy and sour soup (tom-zaap) had no favor. We felt like sampling boiled tap water with chilies, white pepper and extra salt in a bowl. Worst tom-zaap I ever sampled in Thailand.

The whole meal costed us less than Thai Baht 1,000 ($30).

All in all, dining in Thai E-sarn Restaurant was pleasant!

Thai E-sarn Restaurant ***1/2
Kaset-Navamin Road
Chatuchak, Bangkok 10230
Tel.: 02.940.2637

Open daily 11am - 10pm
Pay (food only for two): around THB 500


Anonymous said...

Cannot wait to see some new posts here.

Thailand Club said...

meanwhile pls review my previous posts la, over 120 restaurants there awaiting u when u click 'older posts' on the lowest right icon


Anonymous said...

Yeah yeah yeah.

Stella said...

Wow lots of good food here. I think this feast is cheap for $30 US.
Sea, I think here you have your favorite food. Yum yum.

Stella said...

Is this restaurant better or the one you brought Sea's sisters better(the one with prawn on fire)? I mean in terms of quality of food and price.

Thailand Club said...

they r 2 totally different kind of restaurants

Thai E-sarn is a gai-yang somtum joint (simple food, no seafood), while Kanabnam is a Thai seafood restaurant


Stella said...

OK, I like both but I prefer Kanabnam out of the two if I have to choose only one.

in the sea said...

I think I can name this restaurant has the best Somtam I have ever tried. I like they shred the papaya in fresh, unlike the others shredding or preparing everything in advance.