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Thursday, May 28, 2009

Gai-tord Soi Polo


Gai-tord Je Keey (Polo Fried Chicken)

Je Keey's gai-tord (fried chicken), somtum (raw papaya spicy salad) and Issan food are decent northeastern gourmet serve in Bangkok C.B.D.

It was almost 10 years ago I sampled Je Keey's fried chicken and raw papaya spicy salad, at that time in her non-air-conditioned shop. A revisit to Je Keey yesterday found that Je Keey had moved few meters closer to the main road (still on Soi Polo) in a modern decorated shop house, this time with air-conditioning facility.

Taste was very different in comparison to ten years ago. The yum (spicy salad) and soup (namely tom-zaap the Issan style spicy and sour soup) were not as spicy as before. Somtum pla ra (raw papaya spicy salad with fermented fish and crab, Baht 60) was decent but not outstanding. The gai tord (fried chicken, Baht 80 for half chicken) of which made Gai Tord Je Keey appears on Lonely Planet and a few foreign tour books, was a little disappointed on our table. The once frozen AA fryer chicken was well marinated on the skin, crispy, but loose in texture and no taste in its meat. We ate with Je Keey house sauce (pretty good, though) to enhance the taste of that bland chicken meat. Our dessert, lod-chong (green glutinous rice flour stripe in coconut milk, Baht 30) was not better than the fried chicken. No taste, no texture, just powder mixed with water and coloring.

However, all the yum dishes (Baht 50-80) were pretty good although heat index laying on the mild side but all ingredients and seasonings held a good balance to taste. The tom-zaap (Baht 60) was on the acceptable sour side though not too spicy, good to lift our appetite, and good for beginners. We will avoid fried chicken and concentrate on yum dishes if we shall return to Je Keey in the future!

Je Keey (Polo) Fried Chicken ***
137/1-2 Soi Polo
off Wireless Road
Lumpini, Bangkok 10330
Tel.: 02.655.8489

Open daily 7am - 10pm
Pay (food only for two): around THB 500

(Delivery available)


Anonymous said...

Look forward to your new post TC.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I am waiting too.

in the sea said...

My favourite Thai food together with sticky rice and somtam! Not sure if you are going to write on that one on the north outskirt of BKK. :)

Thailand Club said...

which one la?

in the sea said...

Should be this one and their somtam is really nice too:

Michael said...

pls scroll down one post under, that is Thai E-sarn la :)

Anonymous said...

Yes please mention more good food here as now I cannot go to BKK twice a year like I used to before.(No work/lay off.)
So I can only "eat" good food from here.

Stella said...

Hi Mi,
You can scroll down one post below to "eat" the feast of $30 US "free" for you.
Did you call the head hunter I referred you to?