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Friday, October 30, 2009




Braised pork knuckle on rice, khao-kha-moo, a popular Thai-Chinese one dish menu in Thailand.

Where do you get a good bite?

1. Food court, 5/floor, the Emporium Mall
2. Silom Road at corner of Soi Saladaeng
3. Kha Moo Hong Teh, near Sathu Pradit Road Soi 1
4. Khao-kha-moo Yaowaraj, at Yaowaraj Soi 9


Paranoid Android said...

I like, I like... Lovely Khao Kha Moo. Don't know why, they sell the same thing in Malaysia, made by Thai, but taste horrible in KL. Sigh...

Thailand Club said...

yes the Thai-CN ppl do pretty good khao-kha-moo, some of my HK friends hv to pack them home every time they visit Bangkok

personally khao-kha-moo is also one of my most favorite Thai-CN gourmet, i usually order the whole kha-kee (the part without meat) so yummy!

Anonymous said...

This food looks good.
The pig feet rice is my favorite.

Stella said...

Yes, these dishes do taste very good and the price is cheap. They are also my favorites.
Who say good food needs to be costly?

in the sea said...

Oh, one of my most favourites among Somtam, Pad Thai! Sathu Pradit soi 1 - is it that open market area which has a small lane back on to Thanon Nonsi?

Thailand Club said...


Sathu Pradit Soi 1 is where it meets Trok Chan (Chan Road), it is also the begin of Sathu Pradit

Sathu Pradit Road begins at Chan Road, and ends at Rama 3 Road

in the sea said...

Thanks. That means it's quite in the middle of Chongnonsi at the intersection of Chan Rd. Guess I lost quite some memory about Sathu Pradit. Now I recall it begins at Chan Rd.