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Monday, October 26, 2009

Thai-Chinese delis


Guay-jub (rice roll noodles with pork offal in peppery broth), Kra-phaw Pla (fish maw in rich broth), Moo-ping (barbecue marinated pork meat on skewers), Sakoo (tapioca pearl balls with minced pork stuffing) and Phad-gud (pan-fried mixed turnip flour noodles) are popular Thai-Chinese delis in Thailand.

1. guay jub (crispy pork and entrails soup with roll rice noodles)
2. kra-phaw pla nam dang (braised fish maw in thick brown broth)

3. moo-ping (barbeque pork skewer); 4. sakoo (minced pork in glutinous balls)

5. phad-gud (fried cabbage and radish dice)



Stella said...

Oh, 5 long days to go.

Stella said...

More good food huh.
It seems good foods are never ending in BKK.

in the sea said...

Mmh.. the stir fried radish dice is very Chinese indeed. The food variety in Bangkok is really board.