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Wednesday, December 07, 2011



Experimental dough

Chu, probably from the name churro, the snack joint that has been claimed to be the only churros specialty in Bangkok, had its debut a year ago at Asok intersection's Exchange Tower. Churro, a.k.a. Spanish doughnut, a deep-fried dough snack that is very popular in Spain, Latin America, and the southern border States of the US, especially in Southern California, where Latin Americans have a strong hold in the areas. It is probably the Spanish answer to Thailand's infamous (an enemy to health conscious diet) bak-tong-kou, and Hong Kong's yau-ja-gwai, both go well with the jok (congee) for breakfast.

Chu also claimed to have a chocolate specialty, with the ingredients sourced from France. I found that the 58% dark chocolate drink was lacking in aroma, though it was strong enough for a chocolate lover like me. The hot chocolate got along well with my order of churros with cinnamon icing, which was nicely deep fried, crispy outside, but watery soft inside without a little chewy texture of the dough; the dough was lacking of the aroma that it should have. Perhaps the chef should take a Christmas vacation to Los Angeles, which is the temple of churros in the US, to sample some.

As for the other desserts and drinks, some were good while a few were horrible. I hope that the owner doesn't run an experimental kitchen and have customers paid to be his guinea pigs.

Service in Chu is slow, robot style and pretentious.

French 58% hot chocolate, THB 120+, rich but not aromatic!

bratwrust and onion sandwich, THB 110+ half, stingy serving of sauteed onion, pale
bratwrust (not grilled) chopped into CN style small pieces, someone who doesn't eat
sandwich did this, so we can tell how much they understand about making a sandwich!

churros, THB 90+, a familiar name, but not the familiar texture and taste!

Chu chocolate truffle cake, THB 135+, no comment, just won't eat it again!
facebook crepe cake with berry sauce, THB 120+, the sauce is better than the cake ..

vanila mikeshake, THB 120+, I like it, because it has a very '60's Dairy Farm' taste
dark chocolate, THB 120+, not ugly, simply Chu has a good ice cream supplier

Chu **1/4
Unit 204, 2/F Exchange Tower
388 Sukhumvit Road
Klongtoey-nua, Bangkok 10110
Tel.: 02.663.4554

Open daily : 7:30 am (Sat & Sun 9 am) - 9 pm
Pay (food only for two): around THB 500


Stella said...

Look forward to the photos here.
Yes Churros is very popular in LA.

in the sea said...

I tried their acclaimed mocha (as something like unforgettable or devil..etc.), but it's average. At least I forgot the name of that specialty mocha. Yes, their service is very chill out. Again, those types of waiters often keeping checking their phones. Maybe it's time for us to go get the same apps to communicate with them. They are not pretentious, but just can't express much in speaking because they are in the "phone" world. :)

Tommy Leung said...

I have walked by this shop before, the decor is very clumsy and no taste, so I did not go in. Now I know the food is no good taste. The sandwich looks like white rock (hard?), no sausage I can see inside. Lucky me I never eat here.

in the sea said...

That's the dark choco. shake? Let me check if I took photos of their iced mocha. Must look like Horlicks...

Fillet-O Fish said...

The sandwich here looks very ugly!

Thailand Club said...

maybe his chocolate drinks is like Horlicks, so i didn't order any iced chocolate drinks, the milkshake is okay since he has an okay ice cream supplier, lucky Chu doesn't do home-made ice cream ..

sandwich is really awful, remember he even used Foodland's supermarket bread to do the sandwich during Chu soft-opening period, if he doesn't understand the culture and the culinary of sandwich, drop in, replace by khao-niao in the menu, the owner and his team will do this one well i suppose ..

Anonymous said...

Chu = pig in Chinese language, so the owner intentionally asks customers to be his guinea pigs.

Thailand Club said...

@Anonymous 0144: yes, he did look like a Thai-Chinese, so, maybe