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Monday, December 12, 2011

Ruea Thong


Meal on the golden boat

Bangkok's hip and chic Thonglo area is growing at light-speed in recent years. On its restaurant scene, we witness the never ending opening (and never ending closing down) of fancy newbies, and boring chains, sprawl into Thonglo soi by soi for the pre-partying clubbers and the high-so(ciety) hipsters. Nevertheless foodies in the neighborhood still stick to a few trusted old names, like Ruea Thong, which is a small shop-house eatery (on corner of Thonglo Soi 17) that is honored by time, the food there made her standing strong in the area for season after seasons.

For a place that Thais will find their grandmas' recipes and to please the palate throughout a meal, Ruea Thong is always one of the top choices in Thai cuisine; Ruea Thong (literally boat golden) is one of my favorite restaurants to crave for scrumptious home-style cuisine.

nam-prik ong makam, THB 100, fresh vegetables with tamarind relish dipping
pla salid tord, THB 130, salid fish, deep-fried to perfection, crispy but moist

yum makheua yao, THB 100, eggplant salad with spicy fish sauce dressing
pik gai tord, THB 90, deep fried chicken wings, crispy, light and aromatic

gaeng khua hoy khom, THB 90, red curry with small sea cockcle
(classic curry dish, easy to cook, difficult to have it good, key is in the paste, eight
out of ten restaurants in Bangkok do awful gaeng khua, but Ruea Thong's is superb)

phad yod fak meaw, THB 90, stir-fried chayote leaves, young and crispy
a portion of Thai pomelo, complimentary

gaeng som cha-om-tord, THB 90, sour curry with fern-leaves omelet, yummy!

Ruea Thong Thai Restaurant ****1/4
351/2 Soi Thonglo (corner Thonglo Soi 17)
Sukhumvit 55 Road
Wattana, Bangkok 10110
Tel.: 02.185.2610

Open daily : lunch 11:30 am - 2 pm, dinner 5 - 11 pm
Pay (food only for two): around THB 400


Stella said...

I like curry dishes.
Look forward to the photos.

Anonymous said...

There is unlimited good old restaurants in Thonglor, if no time to eat many places, just go to Thonglor. Recently, I don't go to Siam Paragon, nothing impressive.

in the sea said...

Back to the old days, Thonglor wasn't like what it is now. Surviving thru' the years is very difficult. Nice to see some shops keeping in shape.

in the sea said...

The dishes look very yummy. Need to check this one out if time permits. :)

Thailand Club said...

yes, this one is really a classic, esp. her gaeng (Thai curry), mouthwatering! Ruea Thong is next to Xian Mai, still very empty, on a Friday evening .. sad for Ms FBI

Stella said...

All the dishes here look so delicious and home style.

If Ruea Thong is next to Xian Mai than the latter is hard to compete.

in the sea said...

Thong Lor's trend is more for some trendy and younger appetite. These kinds of shops can't survive here except it's rooted here long before Thonglor got so popular.

Fillet-O Fish said...

Ahha the Golden Boat, we ate at this small and classic Thai restaurant before. The curry was very spicy, and authentic! The salid fish in the post is nice, they get along well with congee too.

Stella said...

Maybe Miss FBI is better off being the FBI again instead of the chef at Thonglo where the competition is keen.

Dommy said...

The place is now closed. Looks like construction going on, but don't know if this is permanent or not.

Dommy said...

The place is now closed with construction going on. Don't know if it is re-opening or not.

Thailand Club said...

@Dommy: thanks for your tip-off, i will go to check it out and c if it is closed for good.