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Friday, April 13, 2012

khao-chae @ Bussaracum


Soul food in summer

This year I have had my share of khao-chae in downtown only, and these places are more realistic for tourists to join the joy of eating this Thai festive delicacy - khao-chae (rice soaked in icy jasmine-scented water, served with tidbits).

Bussarasum is a pioneer restaurant serving royal Thai cuisine in Bangkok; and just like its name, a rare ancient Thai topaz, the food with a refined culinary touch is a jewel to Bangkok's gastronomy scene. Recently I sampled my third set of khao-chae of the year there; I found that its khao-chae set is truly at a soul food standard, and at THB 250++ a set, it is a steal for epicures.

welcome by a rabbit! amuse-bouche Thai style (mieng)

soul of khao-chae, its chilled jasmine-scented water, with jasmine blossom

a bowl of cooked rice with ice; carved vegetables
(green mango, cucumber, carrot, krachai, green onion, and red chili)

a complete set of khao-chae at Bussaracum, THB 250++

moo foi (shredded sweet pork); luk kapi (deep-fried fermented shrimp paste balls)

prik yuak sord sai, and hom daeng yud sai; chai pow phad wan
(banana chili pepper stuffed with minced pork wrapper in egg netting, &
deep-fried shallots in minced fish stuffing; stir-fried preserved sweet turnip)

pla waan (sweetened fish mouse); part of the set

at Bussaracum Royal Thai Restaurant ****
1 Si Wiang Road
off Soi Pramuan

Silom, Bangkok 10500
Tel.: 02.620.2216


Open daily : lunch 11 am - 2 pm, dinner 5:30 - 10 pm
Pay (khao-chae only for two): around THB 600 (THB 250++ per set)
* khao-chae is available from mid-March until end of April


Stella said...

Yes the place the the dishes look very royal. The China ware reminds me of the Blue Elephant too.
Surprise that the price is not "royal" though. BKK really is a place to spoil people.

in the sea said...

I think you did mention this place to me quite many times. Too bad still haven't had a chance of visiting here. All the condiments look very tempting. Need to say it again - the preparation and cooking of all these condiments are in a very complicated way. So THB250 is a super bargain for such a nice set! Do they still serve this not in April? Or I grab this weekend... :)

Tommy Leung said...

Oh wow it is very cheap price but a very beautiful Thai set and cold rice soup. I haven't eat khao chae at this restaurant too, but other places lower quality than this one is already very good for me!

Thailand Club said...

@Sea: Bussaracum is well worth to try, from debut at Dusit Thani, to Silom, to Thonglo, and now back to Silom again, she is just awaiting for ur virgin visit ..

@Tommy: taking the price and ambiance into account, it shall be one of the top three khao-chae offers in Bangkok

Stella said...

Wow one of the top three at BKK is no kidding at all, plus the cheap price. This is a must go in April.
You still have time for this weekend.

in the sea said...

Thanks. Really a time gap issue. Maybe when they were in Silom, I was in Siam. Then they were at Thonglor, I was in Silom. Now that they were back to silom, I was in Thonglor/Asoke. Time to get back to Surasak. I need to take some photos around that area and so take a dinner then. Also, staying at MO can be an excuse too if I tell the MO poisoned buddies about it.

Stella said...

Yes please go back to stay at MO as it is the best, still.
I just told my Thai customer today that MO has the best in everything even the toilet.
I also told her to try the macaron at MO-Le Normandie as it is good.
(They are doing the macaron business in Old Town Pasadena besides their Noodle Word, Noodle Planet and Boba World.

in the sea said...

SS, MO's room is still the best - I agreed to this part. So I'd prefer staying more at the room. :) BTW, their room rate during peak season (just passed) was just HK$1,800 (incl. 2 ABF), and strange that they still keep this price for off season. That means their peak season is now their off season too since this is the off season price. I intentionally delayed this message onto MO poisoned buddies after months. :)

Stella said...

Yes MO is the best especially when their room rate is so good.

I think they have consistently high occupancy rate so no difference between peak or low season to them.

So they give you low season rate while they always have peak season demand.

Thailand Club said...

MO again, OMG!

in the sea said...

Har.... white to be black? This is a irrecoverable brain-wash. Not just poisoned. We need an exorcist asap!