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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

khao-chae @ Little Home


Cheerful food in summer

The Songkran Festival of the year of 2555 (2012) is over, but my khao-chae eating mood is not. Taking an opportunity when I attended a dull meeting at Thonglo, during the break, I took a few minutes ('slipped out') to fill my singing tummy with a set of khao-chae (rice soaked in icy jasmine-scented water, served with tidbits) at the nearby Little Home; though its khao-chae is of so-so standard, it still lighted up my mood for the second session of the meeting.

at Little Home Bakery and Restaurant ***
434/10 Soi Thonglo
off Sukhumvit 55 Road
Wattana, Bangkok 10110
Tel.: 02.185.1485
and at leading shopping centers in Bangkok and upcountry

Open daily : 9 am - 9 pm
Pay (khao-chae for two): around THB 450


in the sea said...

Seems like not many noticed this one. :) The deco. here is quite comfortable. Is it rose petal in the chilled jasmine water?

Thailand Club said...

yes, it is ..