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Saturday, June 16, 2012

Xin Tian Di


A comforting feast!

Xin Tian Di is the Chinese cuisine arm of the Crowne Plaza Bangkok Lumpini Park (formerly Pan Pacific Hotel), located twenty-two stories above the ground, and it is advertised that it has 'a stunning view of the Bangkok city skyline', and the fact is, patrons will only 'enjoy' a panorama hospital (Chula) view.

Last year, when IHG's Crowne Plaza took over the management of this former Pan Pacific's property near Saladaeng intersection, they also re-branded the Chinese restaurant; though the team of chefs (including the head chef) and the team of service staffs remain retouched; probably the (Crowne Plaza) executives realized that Hai Tien Lo (the name when it was under Pan Pacific's umbrella) didn't earn a good reputation among epicures. Now, Xin Tian Di (literally new sky earth, or the new era), does enter into a new era. Under the new management, the restaurant and the kitchen team are being revitalized, and the food enters into a new chapter of gastronomic journeys.

The restaurant now serves one of the city's best Peking duck (THB 1,100++), and Chef Lam's home-made tofu is a must-try; otherwise it will be like leaving a treasure hut without digging up a few gold nuggets to take back home with us!

double-boiled conch soup with black chicken, THB 300++;
double-boiled grouper filet soup with century eggs, THB 220++

Chef Lam's home-made fried tofu with XO sauce, THB 160++; portion of Peking duck

Peking duck, wrapping and ready to eat

roasted Peking duck with condiments, half order, THB 650++

Chef Lam's home-made tofu and seafood casserole, THB 320++

roasted marinated pigeon, THB 600++

stir-fried grouper filet with ginger and green onion, THB 350++;
veggie with golden & silver eggs (salted & century eggs) in broth, THB 280++

sweet and sour pork, THB 300++; stir-fried kale with preserved veggie, THB 280++

yang-chow fried rice, THB 300++; chilled lemongrass jelly, THB 150++

Xin Tian Di Chinese Restaurant 新天地 ***1/2
Crowne Plaza Bangkok Lumpini Park
952 Rama IV Road
Bangrak, Bangkok 10500
Tel.: 02.632.9000
Xin Tian Di
(Please don't mix up with that Xinn Tien Di at Gaysorn Plaza, which has been heavily presented in free guidebooks!)

Open daily : lunch 11:30 am - 2:30 pm, dinner 6 - 10:30 pm
Pay (food only for one): around THB 900

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Stella said...

Peking Duck is one of my favorites.
Look forward to the Duck here.

Tommy Leung said...

Oh also a 新天地 in BKK now.

in the sea said...

Pretty classy deco. Good that you can use the ICH card only for one person.

LOHAS said...

Hi, great blog!
BTW, whrere is your highly recommended Thai cuisine in BKK? I have been to nahm, smooth curry, curry&more, kanita etc...
Appreciate to get some advice ; )

Thailand Club said...

@LOHAS: thanks for ur line of nice words and the support of my blog!

nahm is already a pretty good choice for non-Thai tourist, of course if u want to explore new eateries, i would say on ur next trip that u may try:
1) Charm Thai @ Holiday Inn Bangkok Childlom, this one offer authentic Thai fare that is also palate friendly to foreigners, and at a good price (below hotel dining pricing);
2) next, Bussaracum, this is an indie that serves Royal Thai cuisine, some traditional dishes may be found there (e.g. yum sangwa salad), and the highlight is her year-round khao-chae treat, arguably best icy cold rice soup in jasmine-scented water in town, ;
3) for Central Thai cuisine with a Southern twist, u may try the Ruen Thong on Soi Thonglor that offers home-cook dishes, ;
4) for Northern cuisine, Gedhawa on Sukhumvit Soi 35 may bring u to Chiangrai in ur seat, it is a good choice to sample Northern Thai cuisine in downtown, easy access, and authentic (very good price too), ;
5) and if you enjoy Thai jungle setting, with many Wows while the dishes arriving, and doesn't mind to pay a 5-star-hotel-price at a indie restaurant, try Tab Chang, u will start the Wow as soon as u alight from ur transportation (make sure u choose a comfy vehicle, equipped with GPS and 3G internet, as the journey is not short), ;
6) if u simply wanna eat like a Thai, just go to Krua Apsorn or Sa Nguan Si, find no disappointment there, , ;

and, for more authentic or old-gun eateries to please ur taste-buds, usually they r not in downtown and they r not tourist-access-friendly, we may discuss more restaurants thur email,

friend, you hv a very nice blog too, a better one!

Stella said...

Yes please take TC's advice since he is the expert in BKK eating.
9 out of 10 places he brought us is good.
BKK is full of good and cheap eateries any way.

Fillet-O Fish said...

TC, don't hang out at Thonglor too much, load pics faster please, I am starving!

in the sea said...

Also, very good memory too! Impressive!

Stella said...

Peking Duck is my favorite. In some restaurants here, we can have half complimentary Peking Duck for order of $19.99 US and full Duck for $39.99. A good deal. And that means we can have free Peking Duck easily. If one restaurant starts this the others follow.
Poor Fish Burger,
The Peking Duck here is not suitable for you.
Yes more seafood please TC.

Stella said...

Because of your picture here, I am going to have Peking Duck this Thursday night for our semi-year end dinner meeting.

Thailand Club said...

Peking duck in LA, no thanks honey! (in SF is okay though!)