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Friday, June 22, 2012



Gone with the J-taste

Bekku, probably the first, and the best tonkatsu (Japanese deep-fried battered pork cutlet) specialty eatery in town; recently relocated (yes, again!) to Sukhumvit Soi 22, which is a short walk away from its old President Park's location, has lost its original charm and characteristics as a Japanese salaryman hangout and tonkatsu heaven. Now the once famed restaurant is looking more like a Beijing dumpling eatery than a Japanese tonkatsu joint. Food wise, the deep-fried battered pork cutlet is still 'eatable' but the tidbits (side dishes) that come with it (optional, at extra charge) both looked and tasted like some leftovers. I doubt that if the original owner (Khun Mitsutoshi Bekku) still runs this place!

yucky side dishes set, Yuushoku (large) THB 160+, Nagomi (small) THB 120+

tonkatsu curry rice, THB 240+; not-as-good-as-before sauce

tonkatsu set (incl. side dishes, rice, soup, and desserts), THB 499+ for two

tonkatsu filet THB 200+ (with side dishes, rice, soup and ice cream THB 320+)

Tonkatsu Bekku Japanese Restaurant ***
318/1 Sukhumvit Soi 22
Klangtoey, Bangkok 10110
Tel.: 02.663.0318

Open daily : lunch 11:30 - 2 pm, dinner 5:30 - 10 pm
Pay (food only for one): around THB 300

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Stella said...

Look forward to the J Pork Chop cutlet soon.

in the sea said...

I think the old chef left in a short period of time since our last visit, as some legacy of a nice deep fried pork chop could still be noticed, e.g. the coating and part of the frying technique. However, they didn't care about the cooking oil and so soon it will become "just a deep fried pork chop.".

Thailand Club said...

now Bangkok has much better Japanese feel tonkatsu joints with good service (Bekku never care about service, even when it was at President Park, and at a sub soi down Sukhumvit 24, while its tonkatsu was very good at that time), so, farewell Bekku!

Stella said...

I like the "salty egg superman" in front of the restaurant.

in the sea said...

SS, that's the lead character of Drazon Ball.

Stella said...

Sorry Sea for the correction, I still stay at the old "salty egg" era.

Tommy Leung said...

Those side dishes really look very ugly. How can the shop give this to customers to eat, and charge 160 Baht?

in the sea said...

Yes, those side dishes are not worthy of even THB20.