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Saturday, August 11, 2012



A meal with a glass of kopi

Kopitiam, that borrows from the combination of Malay and Chinese Hokkien word - coffee shop, is a dine-in fast food chain serving Thai-Chinese cuisine in Bangkok. It is not particularly impressive, but at least that it is something better than the Lee Cafe, and they easily fix us a meal in a hurry.

all day dining - breakfast (congee with century eggs; lava eggs Malay style)

all day dining - lunch (stir-fried iceberg lettuce; baked rice with meats in clay pot)

all day dining - dinner (stir-fried crab meats in yellow curry sauce; stir-fried CN kale)

Kopitiam ***
7/F Central Plaza Grand Rama 9
Ratchapisek Road
Huaykhwang, Bangkok 10310
Tel.: 02.103.4545

Open daily : 10 am - 10 pm
Pay (food only for one): around THB 200

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Stella said...

Look forward to seeing the food here.

in the sea said...

Sure it's better than Lee cafe and several others and definitely way over the 2 insect poison lab.

Thailand Club said...

for just THB 50 the congee with meats and century eggs, their century eggs is much better than those used at Din Tai Fung Bangkok expensive dishes ..

Stella said...

Yes good price and good congee.
It is not hard to be better and cheaper than Din Tai Fung though.

Really don't understand why Din Tai Fung is so crowded. Food choice is limited, with plain taste and high price.(I mean the Din Tai Fung in LA).

in the sea said...

SS, re Din Tai Fung, it's the same "I'm here" effect or in Cantonese 痾X貪高興. :)

Stella said...

You are right SEA.
Yes "I have been here" is I reason I go there.

Tommy Leung said...

The food looks pretty ok.