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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Suan Kularb


Not rosy at all

There are a lot of restaurants; they do well at the beginning, then go loose after they have gained a certain level of success, and take customers support for granted.

My first time to visit Suan Kularb Thai Restaurant was around twenty years ago, and the food was quite good; a few years ago I revisited there, the food was so-so; and a few weeks ago I ate there with friends; it was mediocre food at best. Its unhelpful service is not any better than their food.

Suan Kularb Thai Restaurant ***
162 Soi Ari Sampang
Phayathai, Bangkok 10400
Tel.: 02.617.0425

Open daily : 11 am - 11 pm
Pay (food only for one): around THB 300

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in the sea said...

Can give it a half sigh though the food is not that worst. It was pretty good in the very old days. My previous 2nd visit was the fall of 2006.

Stella said...

So you did not eat here for 6 years SEA.

in the sea said...

Somehow I didn't... I miss the old time of this area.
After all, the photo of deep fried pork's knuckle reminds me that this one is pretty good.

Stella said...

Yes too many choices of good food in BKK and that is why.

Tommy Leung said...

This restaurant has somtum and German pork leg also? So it is an universal restaurant.