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Thursday, September 13, 2012

Pier 21


Cheap eat, good eat!
Recently, my local friends complained that Bangkok's food court meal is not wallet-friendly anymore since a small portion of any single menu dish (such as khao mun gai, or Hainanese chicken rice) cost at least THB 50 as norm at the food courts of all Central Plazas, the Emporium, the Siam Paragon and the MBK Mall. Nowadays, the lunch cost is a burden to all local salarymen.

I don't blame the vendors as I realized that they only earn a minimum profit to make their ends meet at the end of a day, while the high food price was reflex action by the bullying rental charge (or profit share) in shopping centers, but not the cost of ingredients and raw materials.

Not all property vampires are bloodsuckers. At Pier 21 Food Terminal, a standard size of order costs from THB 30 - 40, that is 20 - 35% cheaper than those served in other major shopping mall's food courts with the same serving size, and even with better quality and taste, as the operator only enrolls a shortlist of the city's most renowned street-food vendors to serve. There, it is not just cheap eat but also good eat!

Pier 21 Food Terminal ****
6/F the Terminal 21
288 Sukhumvit Road
Klongtoey-nua, Bangkok 10110

Open daily : 10 am - 10 pm
Pay (food only for one): around THB 100 (three dishes/courses)

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Stella said...

Hainan chicken rice for B50 is still very cheap.
The food court price mentioned here is still good although before was better.

in the sea said...

So nice to hear that there are some food courts at the price range of THB30-40! Gotta support this one more!

Anonymous said...

The food court is good and very cheap, and the shops are special too not same same to other mall. I already love for shopping at Terminal 21.

Tommy Leung said...

This food court is better than the Siam Paragon one. More comfortable, cheaper price, and delicious food.

Stella said...

Wow sounds like this is a better food court in terms of price and taste and environment.
Siam Paragon's food court is good to me already although not super.

sleepytoad said...

Thanks for the good recommendation. Will check this place soon!!
Recently the Paragon foodcourt price increased alot e.g. phad-thai cost around 100baht.

in the sea said...

Har.. Pad Thai over 100 baht? Crazy..

sleepytoad said...

Oh yes crazy price!! I was just there last month. Paragon is simply over-price & over-rated now ahh!!