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Thursday, November 08, 2012

Raan Kuaytiew Khun Thai


Noodle of grandpa

In between Wang Lang Pier and Patravadi Threatre, inside maze-like Trok Wang Lang, I found a (very very very) old fashioned local noodle joint - Raan Kuaytiew Khun Thai, that serves traditional Sukhothai spicy noodles (dry or in broth) in an ambiance of countryside dining. Their hygiene should be scarified for a bowl of yummy, yet hot, speedy and cheap noodles. Though the shop closes at 5 pm, noodles are sold out around 3 pm.

Raan Kuaytiew Khun Thai ***1/2
Trok Wang Lang
Arun Ammarin Soi 22
Bangkok Noi, Bangkok 10700
Tel.: 087.829.7713

Open daily : 9 am - 5 pm
Pay (food only for one): around THB 30

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1 comment:

Stella said...

Wow $1US for some nice noodle.
No wonder gone by 3 pm.
Good for snack.