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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Chon Ngern Chon Thong


Chon Ngern Chon Thong

Chon Ngren Chon Thong literally means Silver Spoon and Golden Spoon. I have heard of this Thai restaurant neither it earns any chef’s award nor in the best restaurants list of the year, not from food critics, but from the news; political news in particular. Sited on Rama 6 Road near a few government agencies and headquarter of the Democrat Party, Chon Ngern Chon Thong became popular high-so(ciety) canteen among high-profile politicians, civil servants, and the hip and discerning Soi Ari residents for years. I am lack of luck to bump into Khun Abhisit Vejjajiva, the Democrat’s leader, after several attempts to the restaurant.

Food is good but not outstanding, authentic but not (very) spicy thanks to the chef’s adoption to Bangkokians palate; therefore Chon Ngern Chon Thong is the ideal eating institute for tourists evolve to authentic Thai food (from tourist-friendly taste) sampling without their tongues being burnt.

Worth to explore Chon Ngren Chon Thong for more but I will put this option in the bottom of my itinerary, unless I go to Samsen Railway Station, or Soi Ari, or Vichaiyut Hospital renowned for its brain faculty, or Government Public Relations Department’s Foreign Office, or the Ministry of Finance where the restaurant is just a stone-throw distance from them.

Our Ratings (1 to 5 the higher the better): CNCT has [3.5]
(Ratings are based on Food, Service and Ambience, with Price taken into account in relation to Quality) Food =3.5, Service=3.5, Ambiance=3.0, Money Worth=4.0

Price range for two without drinks (incl. local water) in Thai Baht = BBB
(B=below 200, BB=201-500, BBB=501-1,000, BBBB=1,001-2,000, BBBBB=over 2,000)

Best dishes: mee krob (fried crispy sweet and spicy noodles), green curry, deep-fried sea bass
Wine list: poor wine list
Best table: tables on the side
Details: open daily 11:00am-10:00pm
Chon Ngern Chon Thong Thai Restaurant, 198/18 Rama 6 Road, Bangkok 10400; Tel.: 02-2710117

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