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Friday, March 14, 2008




Today I went to Health Land to have my muscle stretch in the morning, had lunch appointment with my friend who promised to show me the neighborhood where he grew up. It was upper Silom area. We went to Kalpapruek, where traditional Thai cum notable Western cuisine being served there. Not particularly outstanding but fair enough to satisfy my taste buds.

Original name of kalpapruek is a rare tree in the Siam regime, the restaurant was named after Kalpapreuk simply the tree was plant in the restaurant compound once the residence of a princess.

I rather describe Kalpapreuk a modern and easy going canteen-style eatery with a twist. Service was loose, waitpersons leaked of Siam-smile but our dishes arrived promptly after the order announced. I started the lunch with a glass of Preserved Plum Juice, a special drink not in the menu, simply refreshing.

Kalpapruek is famous for its Green Curry with Roti for decades, but we didn't feel like having roti in a non-Indian nor middle-eastern establishment. My friend suggested (and ordered) the Gai Yang Khao Ngo and Somtam Set (grilled marinated chicken served with spicy green papaya salad), and Nam Prik Issan (spicy Thai dip served with raw vegetables and Northeastern sausage). Somtam and nam prik were fine for me but not totally my liking, instead I appreciated the grilled chicken more.

My turn to order was Nam-tok Khaw Moo Yang (grilled pork neck in spicy stir-fried dressing) and Yum Wunsen (spicy glass noodles salad with chicken and minced pork). They turned out quiet disappointed with quality differ to its other branch in the Emporium. The pork neck was somehow finger licking good.

Followed were Mixed Vegetables and Sesame Prawn Bread, rounded up our lunch with a dish of Pad Thai. The sesame prawn bread did draw some make up point for the yum wunsen, and the pad Thai was indeed delicious.

The restaurant has reputation for its cakes and baked goodies, but we had no room for that. Kalpapruek also serves interesting western fare so we decide to give it a try as soon as possible.

After lunch we went to the TCDC (Thailand Creative and Design Centre) at the Emporium, spent a few hours there reading books until dusk. We went to the first floor where we found Kalpapruek On First. Remember I told you that I would like to sample the restaurant's western fare, sure, we did.

We ordered French Onion Soup, Pot-au-Feu, Avocado & Fruits Salad, Chicken Salad, Rainbow Trout, Ox Tongue Rice and Clam Spaghetti Spicy Sauce.

Kalpapruek Thai Restaurant ***1/4
27 Pramuan Road
off Silom Road
Bangrak, Bangok 10500
Tel.: 02.236.4335
(also branches in the Emporium, All Seasons Place, and the Siam Paragon)

Open daily : Mon-Sat 8 am - 6 pm, Sunday 8 am - 3 pm
Pay (food only for two): around THB 500

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in the sea said...

Forgot commenting on this restaurant, though I often go to the branch at Emporium 1st floor. For this restaurant, I often ordered Pad Thai, Chicken/Shrimp salad in mango sauce and the salty plum drink. Yes, their roti is very nice.