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Sunday, March 16, 2008




Whenever royal Thai cuisine is mentioned, we usually think of some luxury meal in elegant and exclusive setting. I have shown my friends many luxury hotels’ royal Thai cuisines, now is time for a humble treat. Bussaracum, every auntie grown up in Bangkok recognizes this well known decades old restaurant serving scrumptious royal Thai specialty, is humble and tourist friendly, inexpensive yet delicious. During lunch time the restaurant serves buffet with serious dishes the royal Thai cooking way, worth Baht 400 or more but everyone pays around Baht 250 for the offer definitely a steal in the city.

However, we went for dinner a la carte mode. Simple and good dishes started from Khao Tang Na Tang (crispy rice cakes with minced pork and shrimp dipping), it is one of my favorite starters; followed by Cho Muang (steamed flower-shaped minced chicken dumplings). They were simple and good. More elaborated dishes was Rhoom (egg-net wrapped with minced pork and shrimp), this is a dish rarely seen elsewhere because of its difficulty to cook. We appreciated Bussaracum includes rhoom in the menu, and it was well prepared.

I like spicy salad, our salad was Saengwa (old fashioned grilled prawn salad with fresh herbs served with a variety of fresh vegetables and deep-fried catfish in carved gourd). This is another must order dish as restaurants opt for fine dining royal Thai cuisine don’t offer this earthy dish, what a waste! My old gun visitor told me it was his first time sampling this mouthwatering salad in Bangkok, what a gain!

Main dishes to accompany rice, we ordered Gaeng Phed Ped Yang (red curry with roasted duck meat), Choochee Goong Nang (river prawn in thick curry with coconut cream), Tom Kha Gai (coconut milk chicken soup with gal and lemongrass), Tord Man Plaa Grai (deep-fried fish cakes), Pad Pak Ruammit (stir-fried mixed vegetables), and rounded up with the Mee Krob (crispy sweet noodles with shrimp and pickled garlic in tamarind sauce). Oh pretty full and fulfilling now.

If you feel puzzled what for desserts, I suggest the Bussaracum’s Special Desserts (variety of Thai fresh fruits and classical desserts).

What we found were not exactly innovative dishes, they were honest royal Thai cuisine with authentic taste. Go get your fork and spoon ready in Bussaracum.

Our Ratings (1 to 5 the higher the better): Bussaracum has [3.9]
(Ratings are based on Food, Service and Ambience, with Price taken into account in relation to Quality) Food =4, Service=4, Ambiance=3.5, Money Worth=4

Details: open daily Lunch 11am-2pm; Dinner 5-10pm
Bussaracum Royal Thai Cuisine, Sethiwan Building, Pan Road, Bangkok; Tel.: 02-2666312

*updated on 2012-04-12 (Bussaracum had been relocated to 1 Si Wiang Road, Soi Pramuan, off Silom Road)

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Fillet-O said...

The prawn salad with fresh herbs in a gourd served with deep-fried minced catfish (Saengwa) was interesting, never seen this one in anywhere else. I was informed that this is an old fashioned Royal Thai dish in an ancient palace, so very limited chefs in Bangkok have the knowledge to do this dish. The curry chicken also a surprise, good. A bit expensive, but worth once in a while since I don't pay this kind of dishes everyday.