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Wednesday, November 24, 2010



Kimchi fantasy

Sukhumvit Plaza (corner Sukhumvit Soi 12) is well known to Bangkokians as the Korean Town. There never run out of authentic Korean restaurants. One restaurant caught foodies attention is DooRae.

Armed with owner Kim Seungwoo's grandma inherited recipes, DooRae standing-out from the others. Eating at DooRae is not just bulgogi (Korean barbecue) but rather selective home-cooking dishes from the Seungwoo family.

1. kimchi ji gae (fermented sweet and spicy vegetables stew with tofu and pork)
2. mul naengmyeon (chilled noodle in beef consomme Pyongyang style)

banchan (side dishes)

3. sam gae tang (chicken soup with Korean ginseng)
4. bibimbab (mixed rice and vegetables in gochujang chili sauce served in a stone bowl)

DooRae Korean Restaurant ****
1/F Sukhumvit Plaza
212/15 Sukhumvit Road
Klongtoey, Bangkok 10110
Tel.: 02.653.3815

Open daily : 10:30 am - 10 pm (except the second Monday of each month)
Pay (food only for two): around THB 500


Stella said...

Look forward to seeing the pictures here.

in the sea said...

This plaza is really interesting and so good for Korean food hunting.

Stella said...

This restaurant and the name look familiar to me.
Is this the place I had the nice Korean ginseng chicken soup?

Tommy Leung said...

I like to eat Korean BBQ in Bangkok, they are very different and better than those in HK.

Thailand Club said...

@Stella: u hv never been here, the one u know is in my 2007-April-24 post

Stella said...

Tommy you are right. Korean food, especially the chicken soup with Ginseng, tastes a lot better in BKK than in LA.
In fact, 90% of the food tastes better in BKK than in LA(including western food such as Italian and French).
The remaining 10% includes Shanghai food, steak, street snack such as "bad smell fried tofu", and HK "tea cafe" style of eatery such as Garden Cafe.

in the sea said...

I think I have been here 3 years ago and we were considering to try it one by one from Arirang towards the inside.

Stella said...

OH yeah, now I remember the one I had the good chicken ginseng soup is called Arirang.