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Thursday, November 04, 2010

Steak Today


Steaks for all

Where in Bangkok almost all twenty vendors in a food court serve steaks instead of soup noodle or one dish rice menu? There is one (and only one) - The Samyan Food Loft.

Samyan Market, the first modern fresh market in Thailand, is located in the vicinity of Chulalongkorn University for half a century. Two years ago the renowned Market had been relocated (by the Chula Committee) to its present location between Chula Soi 32 and Chula Soi 34. The new Market is bigger, brighter and better. Second floor of the Market is a welcomed food court (or Samyan Food Loft) for the pretty well-off Chula students and Samyan residents. Maybe high-so kids don't like somtum, they have a good appetite on steaks.

chicken steak, THB 70

additional steak sauce the Samyan Food Loft style

mixed grill on sizzling hot plate, THB 130 (since the beef steak is not from Snake River, to save my teeth, I asked for a replacement, a piece of fish fillet, very fresh, and good)

Steak Today ***
Upper Floor, Samyan Food Loft
Samyan Fresh Market
Chula Soi 34 (/Chula Soi 9)
Pathumwan, Bangkok 10330
Tel.: 02.214.1001

Open dialy : 10 am - 8 pm
Pay (food only for two): around THB 200


Stella said...

Hi TC,
What is a fresh market? Do you mean a grocery market that sells fresh produce and meat?
If yes, it is really amazing that the Steak House is with a "Kai See".
Amazing BKK.
Amazing Thailand.
Amazing blog.

Thailand Club said...

America is invaded by supermarkets and hyper-stores, well Stella u live in Uncle Sam's country too long and forget about fresh markets still popular in Asia and even France, yes, fresh market is 街市 :-)

in the sea said...

I personally prefer the fresh market for meat, seafood and veggie. They are simple as what it's called "fresh" from the market. Actually that's even more for environmental since things packed in supermarkets waste lots of packing material.

So is this market loft has something the customer for pointing the steak and the chef cook. THB200 is a super deal!

Stella said...

Yes, I missed the "Kai See"(fresh market) a lot. Only see some "fresh market" from TV.

Yai said...

U.Ram kids eat somtum, but U.Chula kids eat steak, so much high-so.

Fillet-O Fish said...

The Samyan Market and the second floor food court is very famous. But steak? I thought vendors serve fresh and cheap seafood.

in the sea said...

The mixed grill looks good and THB130 is a big bargain.

Thailand Club said...

@Fillet-O Fish: the old Samyan Market 2/fl food court was famous for good-value seafood dining, but after the market moved to this new location, scene changed, only one seafood restaurant now, exchange with dozens of steak vendors