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Friday, November 26, 2010

La Table de Tee


La table of tasting

Click to read CNNgo, BK, and Bangkok Post talk about London Roussillon trained chef Chatree (Tee) Kachorklin and his La Table de Tee in Bangkok. Praised by media and foodies have made La Table de Tee flies loose. A revisit last night I found that the restaurant made some changes (but not necessary sound improvements).

The dining room, from smart and well lighted ambiance we enjoyed last time, now becomes deadly dim. This is to make sure those LED sexy girls nasty dancing in the box been seen.

The 5-course (not seven, unless we also count the bread and petit four) dinner rolled out directly with its first course (a soup), skipping that amuse bouche most French restaurant may do. Also skipping was the sorbet to cleanse taste in between a course being served.

Last night, I didn't see chef Tee came out from the kitchen to check if customers enjoy the dinner while La Table de Tee claimed to be Bangkok's true chef table according to media! And, waiters hesitated to announce the food and briefly explain what were on the plate upon delivered to my table.

So La Table de Tee does make some "changes" from my previous visit few months ago. I agree with Bangkok Post's khun Vanniya said that "there are a number of absolute hits and definite misses at La Table de Tee"; in my view both food and service.

1st course - Sweet corn and garlic soup
2nd course - Tofu tempura and cumin salad

3rd course - (choice)
Risotto in vegetable stock and white wine, sauteed seaweed, sweet basil & lime sauce
/or Salmon with coriander paste, sauteed mushroom & kale, coriander curry sauce

home-baked bread

4th course - (choice)
Chicken breast stuffed with herbs, crispy rice tuile, lime and tomatoes chicken jus
/or Duck breast with lemongrass oil served with cooked vegetable and duck jus

desserts - Chocolate fondant and coconut ice cream
petits fours

If it wasn't that destructive LED eyes-sore from Shanghai (hanging on the wall) spoiled my appetite, Tee deserves a four-star rating in this post.

La Table de Tee ***1/4
69/5 Soi Saladaeng, Silom Road
Bangrak, Bangkok 10500
Tel.: 02.636.3220

Open Tuesday-Sunday : 6:30 pm - 10:30 pm
Pay (5-course tasting menu): THB 750+ per person
* no a la carte menu served

judging from the LED sexy pictures hanging on the wall, my friend said he suspects that La Table de Tee is a sex club if I didn't tell him that it is a restaurant in the first place


Stella said...

So this was your 6-course Thanksgiving dinner instead of turkey.
Look forward to the pictures.

in the sea said...

Har... another place for attracting spirits. Sigh... I should have visited this place months ago as per your earlier advice.

Stella said...

Why they want to "electric shock Shanghai"?

in the sea said...

15 years ago this kind of deco might be considered "trendy". Now it's floody.

Mickey Mouse said...

a French-Thai fusion restaurant don't know why Tee has something very Chine (Chinese) 30 years backward in time

Stella said...

The dishes here have very nice presentation.
Look like eating in France or Europe.

Tommy Leung said...

Hey TC, corn soup or corn sauce? 750 baht is a good deal for 5-course dinner. Taste good?

in the sea said...

The dishes do look good but from what TC described, the then restaurant was a lot better, and it's not just on a single thing.

Queen William said...

Place and food looks fine dining in your pictures. Just we don't see are the service and taste of food. From what TC described, few months ago a must-go restaurant, but now a non-essential one!

Stella said...

Still good enough to me in terms of price and the food(by its look).

Anonymous said...

Even the LED display box upset TC quite a lot but this restaurant still got 3 half stars from hime so food must be decent good!

Stella said...

It is not easy to get 3 1/2 star from TC with that annoying LED display. That means this place really deserves a 5 stars in fact.
Just look at the nice presentation from each dish already so appetizing.

Thailand Club said...

@Stella: in BKK ppl don't bake turkey good, so this year did fusion French-Thai indeed. yes food styling and dish presentation r beautiful, chef was trained in UK once Michelin stared restaurant for 6 years

@in-the-sea: so this restaurant is 15 years behind earth time, lucky it is only refer to its decor, the food is definitely of 22nd century

@Tommy: u hv a sharp sight, yes the soup is thick in texture and is thin in portion, so i felt like having sauce instead of soup :-) corn soup and chocolate fondant taste so-so, but the rest r excellent!

@Anonymous 17:05: yes without the LED thing i would love this restaurant, but for now i would not return in short time, not before Tee took the LED out; vomit in front of the table is not polite ..

in the sea said...

Let's put it this way. They may think of LED TV as a trend and so to have LED back. :) OK, let me get you a pair of sun glasses to deal with those LED.

Stella said...

It is a waste to vomit the delicious food here though. :)

Fillet-O Fish said...

Last time the LED thing wasn't there. Maybe La Table would like to attract the now fat pocket (but bad taste) Chinese Mainlander!