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Monday, June 13, 2011

Esarn Derm


Twin - the beautiful one

Almost next to Raan Deur is Esarn Derm, another Thai-Issan restaurant on Narathiwas Road. Packed with delicious Thai cuisine with a northeastern (Issan) twist. And it is packed during (every) evening, even on a rainy day.

somtum, gai yang

nam-tok moo yang, pla kapong pao

Esarn Derm Issan Restaurant ****
377 Naradhiwas-najanagarindra Road
(near Narathiwas-Ratchada intersection)

Yannawa, Bangkok 10120
Tel.: 081.919.8297

Open daily : 4 pm - 2 am
Pay (food only for two): around THB 300

*this picture was taken at 1:29am (in the evening, it was full house)


in the sea said...

Another one but beautiful, in Naradhiwas?

Tommy Leung said...

So there is a twin Issan restaurants, one ugly and the other beautiful!

Stella said...

This one looks better but still not my cup of tea. $500 Baht for two people is not that cheap in fact.

Queen William said...

$500 Baht for two? I see is 300 baht for two in this post.

Stella said...

Hi Queen William,

Both of us are right.
You saw 300 Baht for 2 on upper line but I saw 201-500 Baht for 2 on the lower line.
You are a good reader too. Thank you for the comment.

Stella said...

The chicken and fish here look very delicious.

Queen William said...

Then why not say 201 Baht is very cheap, as it is in 201-500 baht range?

in the sea said...

Photo taken at 1:29am... Midnight supper and good to avoid the crowd.

Thailand Club said...

agreed William ..

Stella said...

Hi Queen William,
As I am a conservative person that is why I take the high side to be safe.
Chances are low that we spend the minimum when it comes to food.

Tommy Leung said...

I think the THB 300 is the suggested dinner cost in the post. While 201-500 is only a tag for reader to find a post, not part of the body text.

Fillet-O Fish said...

Sorry Stella, I couldn't agree with you this time. 201-500 Baht is not part of the post, it is only a tag.

The suggested cost is clearly written as "food only for two" around THB 300.

Friday evening, party time!

Stella said...

Yes Tommy Leung and Fish, I think you guys are right regarding the 201-500 Baht; it is only a label.
You are good readers with good comprehension. Thanks.
BTW, the slide shows here made the food look better.

Thailand Club said...

After this review posted, I went there once, still good! Service not bad either considered this is a no-frills grade restaurant.

Always packed, in the evening.

Stella said...

I really like the slide show.