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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Take a Seat


Seat, on Silom

Judging from its interior and clientele, Take-a-Seat may easily be mistaken to be a tourist-orientated Thai restaurant, and thus inauthentic in true Thai taste and expensive in price. I was previously misled as well.

In fact, Take-a-Seat serves authentic Thai fare with a modern twist to both tourists and CBD white collars, and the price is surprisingly on the low side compared to other Thai restaurants in downtown Bangkok.

yum talay (spicy seafood salad Thai style) THB 120

stick moo (pork satay on skewers) THB 100;
tord mun pla
(deep-fried minced fish mousse) THB 120

hor-mok talay maphrao on (seafood curry souffle in whole coconut) THB 180

phad pak muam-mit (stir-fried vegetables) THB 120;
goong phad nam makham (stir-fried prawns with taramind sauce) THB 150

yum pla kapong tord (deep-fried sea bass fillet in spicy dressing) THB 180

Take a Seat Thai Restaurant ***1/2
38 Naradhiwas-najanagarindra Road
(at Naradhiwas-najanagarindra Soi 2)
Silom, Bangkok 10500
Tel.: 02.634.8964

Open daily : 11 am - 11 pm
Pay (food only for two): around THB 450


Fillet-O Fish said...

Take A Seat? Good name! Would like to see what did you eat. Hope to see fish!

Stella said...

Har, this plate looks familiar to me.
This looks like my food on Father's Day at Pacific Palm in City of Industry.
BTW, this is the only plate I ate. So you know how bad is the food there.

in the sea said...

Breakfast in this place? Narathiwas too. Look forward to more posting of the food.

Thailand Club said...

the breakfast dish is only a delusion, i didn't eat this at Take a Seat .. hehe

Stella said...

Har, my plate disappear now.

in the sea said...

Mmh... your plate disappear?

Stella said...

Yes my dish here was eaten by TC.

in the sea said...

Stella, please call Agent Mulder (detective to investigate supernatural or illogical incidents in the TV series X-File. :)

Stella said...

You are right SEA. I need the special agent to check out this mystery. :)

Fillet-O Fish said...

This one is almost all seafood dining. Squid looks like just swim to the plate. The fish cake on a stick is rare. And I like Thai curried souffle.

Stella said...

This place looks good so we can consider coming here too.
Please don't forget Secret Garden for the cake for our next trip.

Tommy Leung said...

Lovely house Thai cuisine. Food looks good, and good price. I will try.

Stella said...

Either this one or the previous one with Crystal Park can be in the agenda. But not necessary both as the food is similar and we have tight schedule.

Stella said...

The more I look at these the more I want to try this place.
Please kindly put into the agenda for brainstorming purpose.

Stella said...

Yes I would like to come to this one for the octopus.
Also the previous post too. Both if time allows.