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Friday, June 10, 2011

Raan Deur


Almost twin - unfortunately

Thai-Issan cuisine is never short of in Bangkok whether in a form of sidewalk hawker, small vendor, or high-end eatery. Right! Those restaurants with specialties of gai-yang (grilled marinated chicken), som-tum (shredded raw papaya spicy Thai salad), yum (spicy Thai salads), tom-zaap (spicy and sour soup), and jim-joom (spicy Issan hotpot).

Today, after tea with a friend at Belle Park, we agreed to eat Issan food where the restaurant is not far from his house. He claimed, rumor says it is a good one.

We started with nam-tok khaw moo yang (grilled pork neck, Issan namtok sauce), gai yang (grilled marinated chicken), tom-zaap (spicy and spicy soup Issan style), and pla pao (grilled sea bass), and would like to order either the Issan hotpot or barbecue after the first round was done. However, after sampled the bland grilled chicken meat, spicy and salty only but not flavorsome pork neck, and also spicy and salty only but not flavorsome tom-zaap soup, we canceled the grilled fish. And of course forget about the hotpot or barbecue.

Rumor says it is a good one? Truly rumor.

Raan Deur Issan Restaurant **3/4
371 Naradhiwas-rajanagarindra Road
(corner Naradhiwas Soi 24)
Yannawa, Bangkok 10120
Tel.: 02.674.3040

Open daily : 4 pm - 1 am
Pay (food only for two): around THB 300


Stella said...

Rumor is usually true bor.

in the sea said...

soi 24 Naradhitwas is that soi to Chatrium (ex-Oakwood)? Rumor from a magazine or TV show?

Thailand Club said...

yes, that formerly Oakwood soi

rumor from - according to my friend, from a leading tourist/expat EN language free weekly magazine

Stella said...

Good that finally something I don't need to put into my agenda.

in the sea said...

Wow... see how awful of that gai yang...

Fillet-O Fish said...

I remember these somtum shops are around the corner of Oakwood. So there are two of them, one good, one bad!