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Sunday, October 02, 2011

Smooth Curry


As smooth as curry

Eating a Thai meal in a hotel's outlet may end up with disappointment in some cases, especially in those big names in five-star hotels. We pay more, and we deserve a better treat; but usually they are pale and bland without bright ambition and effort, as mentioned in the previous post.

Lucky that there is always an exception for the unfortunate. And I found Smooth Curry the savior in my taste-buds pleasure of eating Thai food in a five-star hotel.

Smooth Curry came to my attention when I (accidentally) discovered its once-in-a-year khao-chae (chilled rice soup in jasmine scented water) treat which happens to be one of best in the Kingdom. In theory, if a chef can do the rather complicated royal recipe khao-chae and the tidbits right, there is no reason that the chef couldn't cook a decent meal with a fine Thai twist.

I once invited a local friend, also a foodie, to eat at Smooth Curry; at first he doubted that we might enjoy a real Thai meal there, as he also lost faith in most hotel's Thai restaurants. After the meal, he booked a table for three weeks later, to sample more dishes with his friends. And he ended the 'introductory' meal with paying the bill as a gesture of thankfulness that I brought him to Smooth Curry.

The waitstaff at Smooth Curry will ask her customers if they want the food cooked the full scale spiciness or the tourist-palate-friendly mild version. So non-Thai visitors shall never find their tongue being burnt!

saeng-wa pla foo (deep-fried minced catfish with saeng-wa dips) THB 250++

amuse bouche (traditional Thai herbal drinks)
phla goong (herbal salad tossed with lemongrass and river prawn) THB 290++

hor mok talay (steamed curry souffle with seafood) THB 300++
yum pla salid (spicy salad with deep-fried salid fish) THB 250++

pla kapong sam rod (deep-fried local sea bass in sweet & spicy sauce) THB 550++

tom kha gai (chicken soup with Thai herbs and coconut cream) THB 250++
mussaman rue (Southern curry with beef in masaaman curry paste) THB 320++

chu chee goong (fried river prawn in chu-chee red curry sauce) THB 390++
phad pak fuk miew (stir-fried cayote leaves with fresh mushroom) THB 130++

khao-neaw mamuang (glutinous rice with ripe mango) THB 250++

Smooth Curry Thai Restaurant ***3/4
Plaza Athenee Hotel Bangkok
61 Wireless Road
Lumpini, Bangkok 10330
Tel.: 02.650.8800
Smooth Curry

Open daily : 6 - 11 pm
Pay (food only for two): around THB 2,000


Stella said...

Sounds like this is a good one to try.
Look forward to the photos.

in the sea said...

That's also why sometimes hotel restaurants give the impression that they don't have good food. When we say we have to be more adventurous, we have to be open to more choices. Why not try the hotel restaurants. :)

Fillet-O Fish said...

Your meal included three fish dishes, they are catfish salad, salid fish salad, and deep-fried sea bass, all my favourite. Massaman curry is 2011 best food in the world, voted by CNN Go readers. What a meal!

Stella said...

Fish Burger,
You are very alert to all fish dishes.

Stella said...

BTW, most of the hotel restaurants I tried are good: Le Normandie, Lord Jim, Shang Palace, Man Ho.

Tommy Leung said...

The food look so solid and curry so thick and with good colour, interesting! Smooth Curry now in my Bangkok eating list.

in the sea said...

Masaman curry is the easiest one to take and yet it is a peanut base flavour that is very welcome to many people.