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Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Nuan Prang's


Luxurious boat

At Ratchayothin intersection there are endless openings of Issan somtum joints and Ayutthaya boat noodle shops; most of them tend to offer cheap eats to students and residents in the area, with a minimal vibe (usually non-air-conditioned, of course).

Nuan Prang's Noodle Bar at Suzuki Avenue Ratchayothin (a.k.a. Major Avenue Ratchayothin), co-owned by a local TV star, is probably an evolution of Ayutthaya boat noodles in the area, with modern and beautiful decoration, clean and comfortable ambiance, and offers a diner a bowl of hygiene boat noodle soup with a fusion noodle menu, and a price. The cons are the quality of the meat (pork or beef) served with the noodle soup doesn't justify the bill I paid, and the broth was not awesome (as it should be for that price asked), even with a hint of the use of MSG.

For a high-so version of Ayutthaya boat noodle soup, so far my favorite is one at the Peninsula Plaza (next to the Four Seasons Hotel) - the Provence.

Nuan Prang's Noodle Bar ***
Suzuki Avenue Ratchayothin
Ratchadapisek Road
Ladyao, Bangkok 10900
Tel.: 02.930.2185

Open daily: 11 am - 9 pm
Pay (food only for two): around THB 400


in the sea said...

Me too. I like Provence pretty much, and Narai. If going back in time, the old food court of Central Rama3 and the stall opposite to the police station of Thonglor....etc. I even miss the old food court of Siam Center. :)

Anonymous said...

Look forward to the photos.
No air condition is still ok if the food is worth it.


in the sea said...

The broth doesn't look quite all right and a bit too light.

Anonymous said...


Stella said...

Anonymous 16:03,
You are so right. We shall learn from Jobs' positive attitude and passion in our own line of business.
Although we all will die in one day, we still need make our journey filling and fulfilling the best we can.
Jobs is our good role model in many ways.
It broke my heart last night when I see how he withered so fast in the past 18 months.
He will be missed.
He will be remembered.