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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Singapore Pochana


Singapore in Yaowaraj

One of the desserts that Thais love is lod chong Singapore, pandan leaves infused with tapioca worm-like noodles in coconut milk, and topped with shaved ice when served. In Thailand people believe that the green color lod chong Singapore is a dessert that originated from the Lion City - Singapore. I found, it is not exactly the case. A similar dessert is very popular in Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia and even Hong Kong, called cendol (or chendol); it probably originated from Indonesia instead of Singapore.

The Thai version of cendol, lod chong Singapore, was introduced by a local dessert vendor near the former Singapore Theater a few decades ago. Today the original lod chong Singapore shop is still there, in Yaowaraj, and it had a representative name, Singapore Pochana. Lod chong Singapore is probably a native Thai dessert with the influence of South East Asia, just as in part of the Thai cuisine there is a trace of Myanmar, Chinese and Vietnamese influence lingering.

My glass of lod chong Singapore, the 'green worm', was lacking in texture, and the coconut milk was not aromatic, with the only taste was so sweet and very sweet. My chance to return for its lod chong Singapore is thin, even if I don't mind the shop hygiene issues.

Singapore Pochana ***
680 Charoenkrung Road
Samphanthawong, Bangkok 10100
Tel.: 02.221.5794

Open daily (except Thursday) : 10 am - 10 pm
Pay (lod-chong Singapore for one): around THB 20

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Stella said...

I like Cendol.
We used to eat this dessert in HK and S'pore a lot.
Then I picked up this dessert again in LA since I worked at Lippo Bank(an Indonesian owned bank) and mingled with my Indonesian colleagues a lot.
Lots of sweet memory for this sweet dessert.

Nina Tan said...

From its name, I also been misled that lod chong Singapore is from my country. Thanks TC for the information.

in the sea said...

I did get told by my Indonesian friends that Chendol is originated from Indonesia. So this local one evolved from Yaowara. Interesting.

in the sea said...

Looks like this shop is very busy with all those half prepared ones.

Thailand Club said...

busy because it has a big name, and appears on major foreign media radar, maybe sixty years ago it was good ..

Bangkokians now don't eat too sweet and not too spicy, city ppl like it mild, my TH friend who went to sample this lod chong Singapore we me didn't finish it, he said it was too sweet and lack of aromatic ..

in the sea said...

Some people just don't go out and see what's outside and often think they are the champion, just like Din Tai Feng often put the Times magazine reported section outside their shop in a 100 times enlargement, regardless of that having been already aged over 4 decades. It's good though for us to see this and try not to follow their step path.

Thailand Club said...

oh that Din its-mummy Tai Fung, my Taiwanese friend told me that the original owner already sold his major shares and business expansion right to a giant food company long long time ago, so now those branches and franchisee produce factory standard xiao-long-bao with ingredients prepared in a center kitchen, everything done by machine, ever those chefs in the showcase kitchen, do they look like robots?