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Monday, January 30, 2012



Beauty and the breeze

Bangpoo in Samut Prakarn is about 20 km, or an hour's drive, from Bangkok city center in the Southeast, stretching to the Gulf of Thailand where the river meets the sea. In the 70's Bangpoo was so popular where Bangkokians fond of spending their weekends at the seaside, went to Samut Prakarn especially in the Bangpoo area; thus the area has a handful of seafood restaurants to serve the tourists. Though the glory faded away with time, Bangpoo's restaurants serve local residents, and Bangkokians seeking a deja vu experience.

Rabiengta-le is the established one in the area. Seafood is very fresh while most of them are live in the fish tank, with some rare shellfish choices; but chefs didn't cook them to expectations. For the three stars rating, one and a half goes to the ambiance and the sea breeze.

raw shrimp in light fish sauce, THB 100 (goong chae nam-pla)
raw local oysters, small size, served with condiments, THB 90

baked ma-prao clams topped with condiments, THB 150 (hoy ma-prao phad cha)
stir-fired local watercress, THB 90 (phad pak waan)

char-grilled local white sea bass, THB 290 (pla kapong yang kleua)

tamarind curry w/ jumbo fresh water fish roe, THB 220 (gaeng-som kai pla)

grilled ocean squid, THB 150 (pla-meuk yang)
curry souffle w/ seafood in young coconut, THB 220 (hor-mok talay maprao-on)

Rabiengta-le Seafood Restaurant ***
72 1/71 Moo.14 Thai Ban, Bangsaen 2
Sukhumvit Road (old line)
Bangpu Mai, Samutprakarn 10270
Tel.: 02.709.1825

Open daily : 11 am - 11 pm
Pay (seafood dining for two): around THB 900


Anonymous said...

I like the title of this post.

Stella said...

Yes I also like this title as it rhymes.

Tommy Leung said...

Seaside dining, so Bangkok not just have riverside, but also have seaside. Interesting!

Stella said...

Yes lots of seaside and riverside in BKK.

in the sea said...

Too bad that they didn't cook well and wasted the seafood. It's really disappointing especially when it took an hour to come here and see some very fresh seafood getting spoiled. :(

Fillet-O Fish said...

Food seems good from the photos, the fish had a nice burnt outside, with moist flesh, but of course photo doesn't tell the taste. Lucky that we have TC to doing the tasting.

Stella said...

Yes Fish Burger is right.
Good that TC tries out first so that we don't need to take one hour travel time to eat there.
The food from the photo looks good especially the fish.

Tommy Leung said...

Yes the good looking photos misled us to think the food is delicious. The look of small oysters like this I not dare to eat. The fish looks a bit dry. But the restaurant itself is quite beautiful.

Thailand Club said...

yes, the fish was overcooked

the gaeng som soup was pretty special, it came with rare fish roe (the white balls were not fish balls, but fresh water fish roe, sorry i forgot the name of the fish)

overall the food was not too bad, just below expectations ..

price is on the cheap side

Stella said...

It depends whose expectation it is below though.
If food is below TC's expectation then may still be ok.
If food is below my expectation then shall be a disaster..

in the sea said...

The fish roe looks pretty big though. It's like a quail egg.