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Sunday, March 25, 2012

phad Thai Rajthevee


Delis on the sidewalk

A good cook doesn't need any powdered title; this sidewalk phad Thai noodle hawker in Rajthevee area, which is highly recommended by one of my foodie friends, has gourmet phad Thai and hoy tord (fried mussels in batter and egg) to offer.

phad Thai goong sod, THB 45

hoy tord, THB 40

Phad Thai Rajthevee ****
484 Phayathai Road (sidewalk)
Ratchathewi, Bangkok 10400

Open daily (except Monday) : 5 pm - 12 am (midnight)
Pay (food only for one): around THB 50

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in the sea said...

Pad Thai! My favourite... :)

Stella said...

Look forward to the photos.

Anonymous said...

This hawker looks quite clean!

Tommy Leung said...

The hawker area is clean, and phad thai looks nice to eat.

Thailand Club said...

Yes this phad Thai hawker is clean and neat, and serves good phad Thai of course.

Stella said...

Wow, only $1.50 US per person. Good and cheap makes me envy.
Same food here is at least $6 US per dish for lunch time special. Dinner time is $8 US at least.

in the sea said...

Looks very nice!

zippo said...

possible to provide direction from BTS Ratchathewi?

Thailand Club said...

@Zippo: may take the left exit (toward Petchburi Road, not toward Siam), walk straight as long as you see the phad Thai hawker (before Rajtewee intersection)

sleepytoad said...

Do u mean the exit to the Asia Hotel?

Thailand Club said...

@sleepytoad: yes, exit on the Asia Hotel side, walk towards Rajthewi intersection.