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Thursday, May 10, 2012

See Fah


Blue sky in a storm

See Fah is a family restaurant, serving a traditional Thai and Thai-Chinese menu since 1936. It is one of the (very) first Thai restaurants with a Chinese twist in Bangkok. I have not visited See Fah for a decade, due to the far-from-satisfactory experience from my last few visits (they were in the early millennium period).

Recently See Fah has completed their shop renovations, and rolled out a roasted duck specialty menu. It is time for me to revisit this once famed pioneer-kind of restaurant, that fed many of our grandparents in their old days.

I still stuck to their over half-century famous goy-si-mee (fried egg noodle in brown gravy with shredded chicken and bamboo shoots), and baked rice in an earthy pot.
For Thai selections, such as yum (spicy Thai salad) and tom (spicy soup), they are pungent and flavorful. Though they are not the best in town, certainly their good quality can easily top all mall food standards.

During (2012) summer, See Fah offers a seafood promotion, such as pla kapong (local sea bass) any-kind-cook-to-order; I sampled the pla kapong sam-ros (sea bass in three-taste hot sauce); the fish was fresh and the flesh was sweet, sauce was pungent and aromatic, and at less than THB 300 per fish, it is a good value for mall diners. Service at See Fah's Central World Plaza branch is smart and prompt, a big step forward.

1. spicy salad with three crispy ingredients (yum sam krob)
use of quality ingredients, nicely yum & tossed, yield a good taste!

2. deep-fried sea bass in hot, sour and sweet sauce (pla kapong sam ros)
3. stir-fried local kale in oyster sauce (phad kana nam-mun-hoy)

4. fried rice in shrimp paste with toppings (khao kluk kapi)
though not the best in Thailand, arguably best mall food khao-kluk-kapi in town

5. fried egg noodle in brown gravy with shredded chicken (goy si mee)
6. deep-fried stuffed chicken wings (peek gai yud sai)

7. baked rice in an earthy pot, with various toppings (khao ob mor-din)
compare See Fah's baked rice with that pale & weak baked rice at Lee Cafe (posted
previously), this one is not only appealing to eat but also it is quite delicious!

Sea Fah Restaurant ***
6/F Central World Plaza
(Beacon Zone, close to Isetan)
4 Rajdamri Road
Pathumwan, Bangkok 10330
Tel.: 02.255.6369
See Fah

Open daily : 10 am - 10 pm
Pay (food only for two): around THB 600


Stella said...

Looks like good food with good price and good deco.
$10 US for each person is a good price.

in the sea said...

This is a very old friend to me. Last time I saw that sea bass you ordered is pretty good. I remember I used to go to the branch in Siam Square, before or after a meal at New Delight. Can't imagine that time we could eat meal by meal. Amazing stomach. :)

Thailand Club said...

Thailand's See Fah since 1936 should be my old friend too, 25 years ago there was less choice of restaurants in Bangkok, so Ban Khun Por (no Ban Khun Mae yet), NewLight and See Fah were frequently visited ..

and See Fah since 1937 in Hong Kong that serves Hong Kong style European food is a legend too!

oh yes the sea bass was very fresh (though not live), and taste good, good price too

in the sea said...

Maybe it's time to go check New Light too. :)

Stella said...

Sound like this one is a famous old timer restaurant in HK and BKK.

in the sea said...

SS New Light is another old restaurant in Siam Square. Their stir fried dishes are quite good.

Stella said...

Never ending good food in BKK, a lower cost version of HK in terms of good food.

Fillet-O Fish said...

TC, you still like that fried rice with fermented shrimp paste sauce so much? The fish, quite nice.

Thailand Club said...

yes, fried rice in fermented shrimp paste is my most favorite Thai fried rice ..