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Sunday, July 01, 2012

White Cafe


The color must go on

White Cafe, a popular caterer turned restaurant, continues its utmost popularity by pleasing the taste buds of Thonglorians and Bangkok's high-so(ciety) diners. If people like their laab or gaeng cooked with foreign ingredients, or pasta dishes using pungent Thai sauces, yes fusion I mean, then this is the place for them.

Somehow, White Cafe is one of a very few fusion led restaurants in Bangkok that I don't avoid (well, friends know that I am not an admirer of fusion food); I found their dishes also pleased my taste buds.

fermented shrimp-paste dip with tidbits (nam-prik kapi) and seared tuna (thumbs-up!)

nam-prik kapi, THB 280+; deep-fried Thai pilot fish (pla salid tord), THB 220+ (thumbs-up!)

stir-fried asparagus and crab meats with salted eggs, THB 220+ (good!)

White Cafe house recipe NZ mussels with Thai herbs, THB 220+ (thumbs-up!)

organic brown rice; a portion of spicy yellow fish curry salmon (so-so!)

spicy Southern yellow fish curry (gaeng lueng) with salmon, THB 220+

White Cafe ***1/2
G/F Nobel Solo Condominium
988/5 Soi Thonglo (Sukhumvit 55 Road)
off Phetchburi Road
Wattana, Bangkok 10110
Tel.: 02.714.7623

Open daily : 11 am - midnight
Pay (food only for one): around THB 500

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Tommy Leung said...

Is this similar to HK's upstairs and private restaurants?

Stella said...

Not easy to satisfy TC's taste bud.

in the sea said...

Looks like some dishes better than Grey Hound. :)

Stella said...

Not easy to get so many thumbs up from TC.
Yes the tuna looks good.
Price not cheap for locals but ok for high-so and tourists in Thonglo area.

I read from "Eat & Travel Weekly" that Grey Hound's HK store is a big success for Thai Fusion food.

in the sea said...

Har... GH HK is a big success?

Thailand Club said...

well, if we believe those meal-by-invitation-writers (and with take-home gifts) and advertorial led magazines, then we also believe that 'hogs can climb a tree'!

Stella said...

Yes GH is widely advertised in magazines. It helps as most of the regular people rely on this kind of advertisement/commercial as reference.
BTW, GH is pretty good.

in the sea said...

Yes, GH BKK is pretty good, but I trust how my niece and nephew's innocent taste buds told them. They never talk about GH HK after their wounded hope for a nice fried chicken when it was first opened in HK.