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Wednesday, July 04, 2012

Burger Factory


Factory of gourmet burgers

What would be better than to have a bite of a burger (real one!) on July 4th for us whose living overseas! My friend and I went to Burger Factory today, a newbie burger specialty restaurant on Soi Ekamai, only to please our taste buds.

There, the nicely prepared burgers were made from patties that are house-ground daily from parts of Australian grain-fed beef; good patties need not have excessive seasonings otherwise the taste of the beef would be spoiled (those who like a heavy seasoned burger may go to get one at CP Fresh Mart, or those local fusion restaurants, such as one at the K-Village); at Burger Factory they do it right.

I ordered the BF BBQ Burger (THB 300+), the succulent patty was rich in natural beef flavor, with a hints of smokey scent from its flame-grilled process, sandwiched in a home-baked bun, slightly browned on both sides, and sided with potato salad that was good but not the best. My friend ordered their signature burger - the Factory Burger (THB 290+), with curly fries, which was very satisfying as well. Overall it was a pleasant burger lunch and it would be better if the owner sent the staff-in-kitchen to A.U.A. to learn the English meaning (not Issan meaning) between medium and medium well!

both my friend and I asked for medium-well, and they were ..

Burger Factory ***1/2
Ekamai Shopping Mall
3 Ekamai Soi 10
Sukhumvit 63 Road
Wattana, Bangkok 10110
Tel.: 02.714.4249

Open daily : lunch 11:30 am - 2:30 pm, dinner 5 - 11 pm
Pay (food only for one): around THB 400

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Stella said...

Sounds like good burgers at this Factory.
The best burger here is from "In and Out Burgers" here. Good and cheap, only $5 US for a jumbo one.
The French Fries also very fresh and good.

in the sea said...

Is it the one we were choosing, but then we got to take the Japanese meal on our ride back to Ekkamai quite some time ago?

TC said...

@in-the-sea: no, that day i was intended to bring u and A for Japanese, the one at Ekamai Power Mall (has a BigC there), but after we browsed their giant light-box picture menu, we moved to Koruda for the home-grow free-range chicken, the all-u-can-eat deal was not expected though!

Stella said...

The burger here looks more like medium rare though.
That is why I already said 70% or 80% cooked why I ordered burger or steak.
Even in English speaking place like LA the waiters/chefs still mix up with medium well, medium rare, medium medium.......

in the sea said...

Thanks. I remember that then. Just seems like this one is pretty familiar in some way.