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Monday, April 12, 2010

khao chae Food Loft


khao chae everywhere

During summertime in Thailand, khao chae or chilled jasmine flower scented rice soup is available not only at exquisite Royal Thai restaurants throughout the country but now also at high-end food court.

Food Loft's khao-chae **
Food Loft
Central Department Store, Chidlom

Open daily : 10:30 am - 9:30 pm
Pay (khao-chae per set): around THB 150 a set

* khao chae is only available in April


Stella said...

Happy "Play Water Day" to you and Happy Thai New Year to you on April 13(Tuesday).

in the sea said...

Good that Khao Che is gaining more ground than ever. It think it's a world culture of going back to some old things.

Stella said...

Yes it is good to step back to enjoy some old things in life. Some old pictures, some old cultures, some old nostalgic foods, some old friends, some old places revisited........