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Tuesday, April 20, 2010



Phad Thai at Door-to-hell

The renowned four decades old Pad Thai Thipsamai (a.k.a. Pad Thai Pra-tu-pee) on Mahachai Road used to be good at its Chantaburi accent sen-chan pad Thai noodles, but glory doesn't pass on to the second generation when they turned the shop into a factory alike pad Thai joint.

The dish looks good, but doesn't taste decently good as its look!

Thipsamai Pad Thai Restaurant **
313 Mahachai Road
Phranakhon, Bangkok 10200
Tel.: 02.221.6280

Open daily : 5 pm - 2 am
Pay (food only for two): around THB 250


Stella said...

Look forward to the pictures.

in the sea said...

This is a very common mistake made by those famous eateries - running business like factory. Stir fried food can't be like a massive cooking for a village. They really need to see what the word "stir fried" means. However, there are yet many followers who often go for food because they are "famous" or "talk of the town".

Anonymous said...

Pad Thai is the only Thai food I like as it is not spicy hot.

Stella said...

Thai food has more to offer than Pad Thai. Some dishes are not that spicy hot too.

Stella said...

THB 250 for 2 is pretty cheap price.

Thailand Club said...

roadside pad Thai normally cost only THB 40 a plate

Stella said...

Please bring me to this and the other $3 US for 2. I want to show off the BKK Paradise of good and cheap food.

Thailand Club said...

Thipsamai's pad Thai is not suitable to put in our mouth, waste a long ride to eat junk noodles (that area is also where 25 people died on April 10 when red-shirt clashed with the troop)

for Pad Thai Aree, u already sampled once, Chris already posted it in his blog

Stella said...

No I don't want a long ride to eat this. It is not worth the time.

Fillet-O Fish said...

We have been here before, true, this one no good. Dirty place cheap stuffs lousy service.