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Monday, April 26, 2010

Samsen Villa


Fusion in sight

Samsen Villa is one of my favorite restaurants in Bangkok. When a friend called me to eat there, I immediately flew there though the restaurant is just a stone throw away from the ruling Democratic Party where the 'red-shirts' splashed human blood at its entrance few weeks ago.

The restaurant facade is decorated in European villa style but does not serve innovative nor fusion Thai meal, it just serves honest grandma recipes proven a success for decades.

As Samsen Villa is a family restaurant, I need to compromise by its high db noise in the dining room in exchange for a good meal. Now I enjoy those yelling in this no-frills restaurant.

1. spicy lemongrass salad with river prawn
2. pork satay

3. deep-fried sea bass topped with fried lemongrass and sauce
4. gaeng kua curry with prawn (gaeng kua krathong goong)

5. stir-fried Thai suki
6. red rubies water chestnut dessert (tabtim krob)

Samsen Villa Thai Restaurant ****
49/2 Soi Sethasiri
off Rama 6 Road
Samsen-nai, Bangkok 10400
Tel.: 02.279.0922
Samsen Villa

Open daily : 10:30 am - 10:30 pm
Pay (food only for two): around THB 600


Stella said...

Glad that you still go out a little bit during the "show" time. As long as you are more alert is ok.
No need to stop all social life.
I heard from my Thai lawyer customer the situation is not that dangerous except for a few areas.

Family style restaurant with noise is a good match. Just like eating in your own house with whole bunch of relatives and friends(and the loud voice is from the moms or grandmas usually).

in the sea said...

Mmh.. accident can happen at any time and anywhere. Sometimes the safest place is the most dangerous area. :) Seems like it's a very nice restaurant.

Mickey Mouse said...

hahaha her (ur lawyer customer) office is just 100 meters opposite where the red-shirt camps r, i think from her office she can watch the 'show' daily

Thailand Club said...

yes this is a very nice restaurant

decoration is European style, but food is 100% Thai, some with grandma recipes hard to find at elsewhere, and the price is also very local :)

setback is not convenience to go, during weekday terrible traffic jam on Rama 6 Road

Stella said...

Har, 100 meters, that is very near. No wonder her office is closed for one week.
This restaurant is a bit like the FBI one, small and family oriented.
But this one is more fancy and stylish.

in the sea said...

Agreed. Very European style and the table setting very Thai. The dishes look pretty nice too.

Thailand Club said...

yes, food is pretty good, and price is pretty cheap as well, like the whole sea bass only cost THB 250 (even most roadside seafood joints charge more than this) ..

this is one of my favorite eateries, but just too inconvenience to go there during weekdays due to heavy traffic in the area

Stella said...

I almost wanted to say bring me here. But when you said traffic is bad and more than 30 minutes then this is not my cup of tea.

By the way, I watch from TVB video provided by Roger Wu Wai Chung, there were bombs in Chilom yesterday. And now the Gov't is more tough to the red shirt. Hope they end this soon.

Thailand Club said...

30 minutes? that's consider good traffic baby

bad traffic means 2 hours and that's exactly the time u stick in car from Thonglo to Semsen-nai during weekdays late afternoon

in the sea said...

Yes, you told me that after the last time visiting those sensitive areas.

Yai said...

p ja, of course Samsen Villa is aroi na, this area is where the mid level civil servants and palace employees eat, and sometimes for high profile politicians

u can find food everywhere na p'TC!

Stella said...

2-hour traffic, that is 2 times round trip to UCLA baby if driving after 9 PM.
Hi Yai,
So that means this place is for middle to high-end public servants and politicians.
Are you still in the camp Yai?
Or you are fighting with the Red Shirts?

in the sea said...

Yes, just like how I try the restaurants in Sheung Wan of HK. :) SS, suggest taking a nap during such heavy traffic. A good rest is a good beginning for the good food.

Stella said...

Good suggestion Sea. My nap is usually 2 hours. This is a good(and efficient) way to take nap while traveling.

in the sea said...

Ok, next time we will ask the cab driver to take an unnecessary round-the-greater-bangkok route or go into the heavier traffic area and make sure we will take a 2 hour ride. :)

Stella said...

This is exactly what I told our driver to do here during weekend: drive slowly and take a longer route so that we can take nap in the car.
You are smart SEA.

Fillet-O Fish said...

This one sounds good. You still hiding a lot for yourself, don't you?